Want to Write a Book ūüĎáūüŹľ that gets you clients? 

Vickie Gould      

Multi #1 Best Selling Author

Certified Law of Attraction Business and Book Coach

Your ¬†Biz ¬†Book – What’s in it for you?

So you want to help people who are struggling like you once did, be able to say you finally DID IT -wrote your book, leave a lasting legacy, and amp up your credibility and expert status.


But maybe that’s not all ….


Do you want to¬†have a name that people remember? Do you want people to recognize your face?¬†Maybe you don’t want to admit it openly because you think it’s going to be taken¬†as arrogant or egotistical, but guess what? ¬†One of the biggest driving forces for everyone around the world is to be significant and important – and that’s okay!

This is probably also the reason why 82% of the population wants to write a book. ¬†Yet FEAR of rejection, not being liked, imposter syndrome, blah-blah-blah keeps them from doing it, so only 3% finish and only 6 out of 1000 hit publish. ¬† It’s masked behind the excuses of not enough time, too much work, “I need to do _____ first,” …. and what happens? ¬†You end up playing small, never fulfilling your dream of becoming a published author and pretending to be satisfied with hanging in the shadows. ¬†YUCK!

Isn’t it time you showed up to your own life? ¬†If you’re like me, you KNOW into your core that you’re meant for more. ¬†Big City, Big Lights (even if you’re a small town girl like me). ¬†It’s time now to step up – shove those fears aside, create your world stage and be as bold as you want. ¬†


Say, “TA-DA!” and dazzle the world with your awesomeness. ¬†Write that book. ¬†Share your message. Complete that bucket list accomplishment. ¬†Get real with the yourself¬†and take the chance on yourself. ¬†Now is the time to say, “It’s my time and nothing will get in my way – not my fears, not the money or time investment, not the potental judgement. ¬†I will finally do what I want!”



The thing I hear so much that breaks my heart is, “I’ll do it later when I have more time.” ¬†We all know that is code for “never”. ¬† Don’t fool yourself with vauge notions with vague timelines. ¬†You cannot afford to not do this. ¬†The fact your Best Selling book doesn’t exist yet is hurting the world and leading to needless suffering. ¬†Keeping your expertise to yourself is harming those who need you. Ever thought of it that way?¬†


Listen, writing your business book is not a “clear off my schedule” type of thing – that’s never going to happen. ¬†It is an AND activity because you can’t put your life on hold to do it. ¬†You live and build your business WHILE writing your book. ¬†AND while you write, it builds your brand, grows your reach, and markets your business (if you do it¬†right). ¬† Please don’t think you have to stop everything to write your book –¬†I can show you how to schedule it out out so it’s pleasant and as stress-free as possible because “later” isn’t a goal and “when I find¬†time” isn’t a slot in your schedule.


Isn’t it time to commit to the business and life you want?¬†¬†Quit HIDING OUT because after all, you ARE¬†superstar quality.¬†You’re the REAL DEAL‚ĄĘÔłŹ.


How would you feel to look back on your life knowing you didn’t really go for it? ¬†There will be a time when it’s too late, so step into who you’re meant to be now! ¬†Playing small is going to lead to regrets. ¬†I’ve had them myself and I vowed never to put my desires and dreams on hold ever again. ¬†

You don’t have to be famous already, have hit $10k or more months, become a millionaire, or have 10 thousand followers to be “worthy enough” to write your book.¬† Instead, having your Best Selling book will help you accomplish all those things. ¬†So quit thinking backwards and write your book so you can be as much as you imagine.


You weren’t put here to live a mediocre life, so why settle for it?¬† If you’re looking to have a¬†BIG impact, you’ve got to own your time and¬†BE BIG NOW, even before you think you’re ready.

want to find out what’s possible for you?¬†

Who am I to Tell You Anything? 


I love WORDS. ¬†So let me ask you: What do¬†you get when you cross a¬†Wordsmith, Business¬†Coach and Law of Attraction Practitioner? ¬†You get the know-how for an Amazon Best Selling Book, great storytelling magic, magnetic messaging, marketing that’s easy and fun, copy that hits the spot, and the ability to call in your ideal client with your manifestation skills. ¬†

Every day, I get to help people go from blank page to Best Seller and beyond.  In fact, 100% of my clients who launch books with me go to Best Seller Рinternationally as well.  I have 5 Best Selling books of my own too.  

Almost better yet, from what I coach them on, my clients are able to manifest opportunities, money, clients, better relationships, improve their mindset skills and have a more joyful life all around.

I help you become someone that your tribe will recognize right away, get you closer to that red carpet fame and help you create a reputation that makes people sit up and take notice.  Be known.  Leave a legacy -Live forever in your book.  I can even get you seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.

So you see, you get someone who is not just a business coach but also a book coach, a story marketing coach, a marketing copywriter, and a law of attraction, mindset and manifestation coach.  


Ready for a coach that “gets” you?

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