Are you a Right Brained or
a Left Brained Writer?

(pro tips to quickly and easily write your business book)

Vickie Gould      

Multi #1 Best Selling Author

Certified Law of Attraction Business and Book Coach

Call Your  Ideal Clients In!

What’s keeping you from the life of your dreams?  What needs to happen in your business to get to where you want to be?  … and how long are you willing to wait?  


Have you been thinking about writing your book, wanting to share your message world-wide, needing to improve your marketing and visibility, and needing to getting rid of blocks like your money story, limiting beliefs, feelings of not being enough?  Oh and then there’s the thing about your copy …. not quite working?  Then you’ve landed in the right place! 

What do you get when you cross a Wordsmith, Business Coach and Law of Attraction Practitioner? The know-how for an Amazon Best Selling Book, great storytelling magic, magnetic messaging, marketing that’s easy and fun, copy that hits the spot, and the ability to call in your ideal client with your manifestation skills.  

Leveraging a Best Selling Book. Magnetic marketing.
Attracting  Whatever You Want.


I help entrepreneurs go from blank page to Best Seller and beyond.  We kick up their expert status by becoming super visible, writing their Amazon Best Selling books so they can impact those struggling people, and using the power of the law of attraction to create the life and business of their dreams. I help you become someone that people recognize right away, get you closer to that red carpet fame and help you create a reputation that makes people sit up and take notice.  Be known.  Leave a legacy – Live forever in your book.  I even get you seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.  


You don’t need to look for multiple coaches.  You can get all this in one place, here – a business coach, a book coach, a copywriter, and a law of attraction, mindset and manifestation coach.  


Ready for a coach that “gets” you?

Isn’t it time to commit to the business and life you want?  Quit HIDING OUT because after all, you ARE superstar quality. You’re the REAL DEAL™️.

Your story and message are important and it’s not all about you, but the people who need your help. You need to stand out so they can find you.  They’re waiting for you.  Think about that.  They’re waiting (and suffering without you) – see how much you’re needed?


How would you feel to look back on your life knowing you didn’t really go for it?  Step into who you’re meant to be!  Playing small is going to lead to regrets.  I’ve had them myself and I vowed never to let myself go last again.   

You weren’t put here to live a mediocre life, so why settle for it?  If you’re looking to have a BIG impact, you’ve got to own your time and BE BIG NOW, even before you think you’re ready.



want to find out what’s possible for you? 

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