Write a Best Seller for your business, spread your message, create strategies to get your clients on autopilot, change lives, leave a legacy and fulfill your life’s work with impact.

Become the Real Deal you know you are meant to be.

Private coaching on how to write a Best Selling short read lead magnet book to exponentially grow your business and give you the life you desire.

Hi, I'm Vickie Gould ....

And I’ve had the privilege and honor of having created 4 Best Selling books of my own, and having been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX; however, I didn't always know what to put in my books, how to get them to Best Seller, or be recognized for my work.  I had no idea how to use it in my business properly to grow it and get me clients on autopilot.

Do you .... 

have a book idea (or multiple book ideas) in your head that you think would help so many people, but you just don’t know how to put it together properly or publish it?  Do you have a dream of impacting people all over the world through your story and your message?  Do you yearn to be known and remembered for something .... to be the Real Deal?

I get it! 

I was in your shoes not too long ago.

I wanted a Best Selling Book, but I didn’t know where to start. I knew it would help my business, yet I was terrified that no one would read it or worse, people would read it and make fun of it or think it was a waste of time.

When I put my first book out on Amazon.com, I didn’t know a thing about how to promote it and HOPED it would get to Best Seller. I thought if it just existed on Amazon.com, people would flock to buy it.  And at the same time, I was secretly terrified that someone WOULD read. But I really didn't need to be scared because without a strategy, it sat there and did absolutely nothing.

No one was reading it and it wasn’t helping to build my business. Everything I thought my book would do for me …. well, I didn't know how to make it happen.

I'm stubborn when I want something, so I decided to try again because I really wanted to help people, and my book was part of the equation.   After all, the reason I was a coach was to transform lives. I did my research, got the help I needed and ….

The second book I launched, went to Best Seller.   At the same time, on the same day, I relaunched my first book and it went to Best Seller too. Overnight, I was a multi #1 Best Selling Author!

But that’s not all. Most people think that becoming Best Seller is the end of the happy story.  It's just the beginning.  The truth is, becoming a Best Seller is actually the first step in incrementally growing your business. That’s why now, I make sure my clients go TO BEST SELLER AND BEYOND.  Your Best Selling book is a great launching point to creating a marketing plan, along with strategies that use it to impactfully grow your business and reach.  You must not miss these crucial steps during your writing, launching and after you hit the top of the charts!

Here’s the thing I want you to understand about becoming a Best Selling Author …. It’s something you absolutely can do, if you want it. You don’t have to be a good writer and you don’t have to know exactly what you’re going to write about at this moment. You just have to have the desire and motivation to WANT IT FOR YOURSELF, and then allow yourself to go after it. But please, don't let it stop there.  It's a disservice to the rest of the world.  Put together the proper strategies so that you can wake up to appointments in your inbox, using this Best Selling book!

Here's what you can expect

You wake up in the morning, excited to start your day. You’ve got the best clients to work with and because you’re full in your 1:1.  You’ve been able to hand select who you’d like to work with next. You’re growing your business with group programs and online courses that people are eager to sign up for after they’ve read your book.

Your book has been getting lots of recognition. The funnel you’ve created to market your business through your book has been adding hundreds of people to your list each month.

You’ve been able to take time off regularly, going on vacation with your family and having little getaways by yourself or with your girlfriends.

Life has turned out to be easy and fun these days. You joyfully work about 4-5 hours per day and make more money than you ever have. Pretty soon you’ll be able to retire your spouse and buy that dream home you’ve had your eye on.

You’ve now hired a team to do the things that aren’t in your zone of genius. Though it took some time to get exactly the right people, you’re confident in their abilities and they make your load light. In the afternoons, you’re able to take time for you – massages, facials, shopping and exercise.

As you lay in bed each night, you feel like you need to pinch yourself. In just a few short months, you’ve been able to write your book, get it to Best Seller, create a marketing plan so that your business works on autopilot.

To think, just a year ago, you weren’t sure when you’d get your book written, you were still struggling to grow your business, struggling to be known, and find clients. You surely didn't feel like the Real Deal.  

You never could’ve imagined the transformation that’s happened now, not just for your business, but for your personal life as well. Back then, you hoped your book would help you with this vision, but you weren’t sure how to do it or if you could have it. Knowing now that this is your life is so freeing and fulfilling.

Each night, you drift off to sleep feeling grateful and excited for what’s coming next.

Your desired future ....

Will be completely unique to you, but this is a small glimpse at what is possible when you decide to write that book and show up to your life.

Introducing ....

Listen to what Jeremy McGilvrey, Instagram Guru, says about going to #1 International Best Seller 

Yes, I want to write my book to grow my business

In this program, I walk you step by step through the exact process I’ve used to create Best Selling short read lead magnet books, and launch them to Best Seller with a strategy to market and leverage your book beyond your Best Seller launch to get your more clients. 

In the Real Deal Coaching Program, you will ....

  • Get clear on your book topic, direction and ideal reader
  • Get the proper structures to make your book into a magnificent lead magnet 
  • Write and finish your book as a short read
  • Launch your book to best seller on Amazon.com, guaranteed
  • Set up simple marketing systems and funnels that will grow your list by the hundreds and thousands
  • Feel excited and confident that your book will make an impact
  • Overcome issues of mindset, visibility or self-worth that are holding you back from the success you desire
  • Attract clients you adore and love the work you do
  • Create your version of your successful life

What you'll get ....

Which One Should I Pick?

If you're someone who wants 1:1 some support throughout your process, but can be independently accountable to complete your tasks, the 3 month program might be great for you. 

If you're someone who likes regular coaching, more eyes on your personal process and in your actual book, with someone to hold your hand along the way, then the 5 month coaching package would be best for you.  

If you're having a hard time choosing or want my advice on which program is best suited for you, click the button below and let's figure out which path works for your business. 

We can also customize a DONE FOR YOU package that includes writing your entire book, ad copy, sales and landing page copy and email drip sequence.

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Yes, I want to write my book to grow my business

Disclaimer:  this program is not for everyone ....

I know that if you implement my systems and strategies that you’ll be a Best Seller, guaranteed. That’s why I only want you to say YES to Real Deal Coaching if you’re truly committed to becoming a Best Selling author, owning the title, leveraging your book, creating your funnels, growing your reach, sharing your message with the world and finding ideal clients easily.

If you join the program from this place, you’ll absolutely see the results you want.

I'm Ready!

Real success stories, from real people!

Bakytgul Mahkmet's Best Seller Experience

Are you ready to ....

  • Create your Best Selling book
  • Get appointments and clients on autopilot
  • Work with clients who are in need of exactly what you have to offer
  • Design a lifestyle that you’re excited to get out of bed for and inspires others

If you answered “yes”, “yes”, "yes", and “yes” again and you’re feeling more and more excited the more you think about it, then click the “I’m ready” button below to apply for a spot with me.

Make a choice

A glimpse at my latest books ....

I'm Ready!

Or you can go back to life as usual…..

Not knowing when you'll ever write your book, stay an unkown, be unsure of how you'll get those consistent clients, and constantly struggle with hustling (chasing down the next client in desperation mode) to make more money so you can live the life you so desire.

Help, Vickie!  I want you to show me how to become a Best Seller ....

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.I’ve already written a book and it’s on Amazon, can you still help me get to Best Seller?

    A.The short answer is YES.  I can help you get to best seller, that’s not an issue.  The question is, are you willing to go back into your book and modify it and add things to make it into a proper lead magnet so that it will attract clients to reach out to work with you?  This is where most people get hung up.

  • Q.Can you help me sell enough books to earn passive income? That’s all I want.

    A.My coaching is not about selling books for passive income.  You will make the most income from the upsell after your book.  You will help the reader see this as their next step, with my help. You are, first and foremost, an entrepreneur and you will make far more money through getting clients from your books than the royalties that Amazon gives you.

  • Q.I don’t have a business tied to my book. I just want to be a Best Selling author. Does it make sense for us to work together?

    A.If you’re writing fiction, poetry, or a vanity book, this program is not right for you.  I help people create clients out of their books.

  • Q.Is editing included?

    A.Editing up to 65 pages is included by my team (not me) for only the 5 month package.

  • Q.I think I’ll write my book first and come to you after I’m done. Will that be ok?

    A.In my experience, it’s much easier to start together than to have to go backward to re-do parts of your book and restructure or reorder it. Most people either skip or incorrectly perform the pre-book writing phase.  Then don’t think about the phase after writing it.  I’ve found that writing your book, then coming to me doesn’t really save time, energy or money.

  • Q.Will you read my whole book?

    A.In the 5 month package, I’ve allotted four hours for me to review and give feedback on your book.   I do no editing during this process.  It’s for structure, lead magnet strategies and any questions you may have on content. 65 pages of editing is included from my team as stated in the question above.  This is not included for the 3 month package.

  • Q.Is creating my cover included?

    A.Creating a cover is very personal.  This is why it’s up to you to find someone you like who can make a cover that reflects you.  I have a great recommendation on fiverr.

  • Q.How can you guarantee the Best Seller title?

    A.I have a tried and true launch sequence that I will share with you when we work together.  It’s never failed since implementing it.

  • Q.I'm not totally sure what a funnel is but I know I need it. Am I too far behind?

    A.Absolutely not!  We can work on your very first funnel offer and go from there, using your book to get you even more impact.


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(I might even throw in a bonus if you're ready on the call to sign up)

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