Personalized Copywriting Services

Tired of all the copy that you have to write?  Wishing that it would magically just take care of itself?  Do you have a launch coming up and you plain just don’t have time?

Maybe you’re not totally sure how to entice your prospect with your words.  Maybe you have ideas in your head, but they come out sounding like a jumbled mess, or maybe you can’t get the words out at all.  

You know that you have to NAIL that message, create a juicy offer and GET THEM TO BUY.  The pressure’s on … and you’ve not been up to the challenge.

Sales pages, emails, social media posts – it’s all starting to drive you crazy.

And day by day you struggle to enjoy this part of your business, your copy sounds … meh (or non-existent).

It’s starting to be a chore.  You know you have to do it, so you just throw something out to see if it works.  And all too many times, it doesn’t.  

No results = No clients = No money.

If you can’t figure out how to entice your prospect and get them hooked and loving you, you won’t be able to convert them into paying clients. 

Copy sells.  I’m sure you’ve heard it before.

If your isn’t, then your business is going to suffer because without great copy, you can’t ….

  • Get Your Message Out Properly (it’s fuzzy and unfocused)
  • Speak Directly to Your Ideal Client (it misses the mark)
  • Fulfill Your Mission in Life
  • Help Your Tribe with Their Struggles
  • Create an Enticing Offer that Someone Wants to Buy
  • Make the Kind of Money You Want

If you’re tired of having to come up with your own copy or you copy looks like the screen below … we should talk.  

There’s help available!  Let me take it off your hands.

I’m Vickie Gould and I’ve always loved words.  I am intrigued with which words inspire, motivate and get certain people to take action.  I have an uncanny way of being able to step into another person’s shoes, see from their point of view and tap into their pain and struggles.  This is key to writing good copy. 

My superpower is story-telling.  When I first started out coaching, I taught people story marketing where I showed them what components to use in their story to intrigue people to join their world.  And you know that a great story leads to great connections with your prospect.  People buy from emotion and story does just that. 

One of my favorite things to write is the sales page – yes, I geek out writing sales pages!  I also really love funnels and I understand how much the emails that go with your funnels are critical to booking appointments and getting sales because as a Best Selling business and book coach, I use funnels in my sales systems as well.  

When my funnels are turned on, I can book 6 appointments in a week, while vacationing in Maui, if I so desire.  I bet this would make your life easier too.  But the key to making your funnels work is not just what you’re offering as a freebie to entice them, but the emails that come after that.  Being a coach helps me to help you know how to maximize your funnel impact.

I also have a way of creating copy that shares your voice. BUT in order to do that, I need to know YOU, the real you, very well so that’s why every time I write copy for my clients, we talk.

I don’t write you canned, static copy that I’ve written for other people.  I write copy that sounds like you, speaks to your ideal clients and follows good marketing standards so that you’re getting more than words to get a task done – you’re getting something that entices your prospects to continue reading … and wanting what you have to offer.

Ready to get started?  

Then let’s do this! 

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