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$97   $49

Learn how to create your magnetic story and where to share it so that you can easily attract your ideal clients to you and the gain reach and visiblity you need to create a thriving business.

In this 5 Day Course, You’ll Learn:

  • Where to Find Your Story (so that you’re confident which and what to share)
  • The 4 MUST-HAVE Components to Your Story ( so that it will magnetize your audience)
  • How to Leverage Your Story (so that you know how to make it most impactful)
  • Where to Share Your Story (so that it will get the most reach possible)

Get: 5 Days of video and pdf instruction

Bonus:  2 LIVE client examples of coaching calls about story

$97   $49

Use this training to get momentum on that book that’s been in your head for so long.  Stop feeling blocked and be that changemaker you’ve been wanting to be.  Get your impactful message out through your business book and figure out a schedule to do it in just 60 days. 

In this 3 Part Training, you’ll Learn:

  • How to Pick a Book Topic that Will Get Read (so that you’re sure your book will have the impact you want)
  • Tips and Strategies on How to Finish Your Book in 60 Days (so that you don’t have to make the book writing process long and drawn out)
  • 2 Myths to Book Selling You Must Know if You Want to Be Profitable (so that you can confidently monetize your book)

Get: 3 videos and pdf instruction

4 Bonus PDFs:  

  • 5 Sneaky Strategies to Write Your Book Quick!
  • How to Get the Book Out of Your Head and Onto Paper
  • All the Right Stuff (for your book)
  • Book Conclusion Template

$697   $497

The complete soup to nuts ultimate course to get your entire book done in 60 days or less.  These are the exact same steps that my 1:1 coaching clients get.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Be set up for book writing success with templates and schedule examples

  • Learn how to write clearly so that your reader will be intrigued to read your whole book

  • Know how to niche down your book’s message and purpose so that it will target your ideal clients

  • Be confident that you can write your story WELL, in a way that people will be magnetized to you

  • Have a simple structure for each chapter that makes your book flow and make sense

  • Clue into your own secret sauce so that your book stands out from the crowd and gets talked about

  • End your book with a bang that entices your reader to reach out to work with you

Get: 4 Modules with audio and videos


  • Workbook for Each Module
  • 5 Sneaky Strategies to Write Your Book Quick!
  • How to Get the Book Out of Your Head and Onto Paper 
  • All the Right Stuff (for your book) 
  • Book Conclusion Template 

Bonuses valued at $400:  
Story Course
All Booked Up 5 Day Challenge
Write and Speak 5 Day Challenge

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