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How to create an inspired office space that helps you show up to your A-Game

When you travel and see new places do you feel inspired, creative or excited?  Do you wish you could recreate that feeling in your home office?  Is it really true it would be outrageous to consider loving your space so much that you wouldn’t rather be anywhere else in the world?  What if that dream you had of working from home really tied in with spending time in a space like that?

The reasons I hear over and over again about why people don’t love their work space are not enough time, budget, not knowing where to start or they’re simply overwhelmed by the thought of starting a new project.  Don’t let these be the reasons you aren’t allowing yourself to be truly inspired in the most beautiful space you can be working in.  Having the right surroundings while you work helps you to be more creative, productive and happy.  That will help you show up effectively each day to you A-Game.

I am definitely one of those people who is affected by my surroundings.  So much so, that I spent years avoiding places and spaces that brought me negative energy.  The last place you want negative energy flowing is in your office space so it’s important to turn it into an area you absolutely love with great positive energy surrounding you.   

dont-limit-your-dreamSo where do you start?  The most successful projects start with the end goal in mind – you need a clear vision of the end result.  Create mood and sample boards to help you get the ideas and feel you want for your space.

What if you honestly don’t have enough time?  Don’t drag it out.  Set aside 2-3 days if you are repainting and 1-2 if you aren’t.  If you have a clear idea of what you want, hire someone to do the rest.  Think about who could help you for a day to move furniture or put together new furniture or even a friend who has a keen eye for decor.  If you have a clear mood and sample board, you can use them to show your helpers what you’re after.

You have zero budget.  I get it, this was me for the last 34 years.  I found that you can get equally exquisite results by working on a budget, but it may take a bit more creativity, time and effort.  No matter what your budget, you still need a clear end goal.  Shop in creative places, learn how to repurpose items, look online for simple do it yourself instructions.  Extending your timeline can also help to set aside money.  

Think about ways to get paint and other items for free or low cost like Craigslist  Freecycle, Local Facebook groups, Gum tree.

If you feel overwhelmed with the idea of starting a new project – Then take a look at what you might be avoiding and why.  Get someone (friend or professional) to help you push through a stagnant stage or revisit your mood boards and see why you are inspired by these spaces and how they would make you feel different if that was your reality.  Maybe you believe you can’t have a space like that or that it isn’t possible.  Think only about how to make it possible.

Don’t limit your dreams of an inspired office space because you can’t see them yet!  Remember how much good it will do for your business, how you can better show up to your A-Game.  If you need help visualizing your potential space have a look for a designer, or a student designer if you are on a budget.  There are hugely imaginative people out there that can help you see your space without your own limitations.

Have fun with it and don’t ever settle for mediocre because you are not mediocre!

4Hi, I’m Jo Chrobak.  I studied Architecture in Australia and for over 17 years have been working in architectural offices internationally.

I work harder to find out the deep needs and wants of my clients and then help them physically create that reality.  It truly is a fun and exciting process.  Many traditional architects and interior designers alienate their clients during the design process.  I treat my clients with the respect they deserve.  They know what they want and I just help them express their own style and ensure they get very clear on the end result, which saves them loads of money and ensures a successful project every time.

My mission is to bring architecture and design to the masses, making it affordable for everyone to have their little piece of heaven.

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