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How to create a unique image and personal brand that will get you noticed and remembered for all the right reasons

It is vital as entrepreneurs that we stand out and get noticed by the right people.

Did you know that we are exposed to over 10,000 brands a day? That is a lot of information to filter through and includes food, people, travel destinations, products and services.

You can see why if you don’t stand out from the sea of brands you won’t have a chance of being noticed.

For many entrepreneurs being visible and standing out can be daunting, you are not alone there. What are people going to say about me, what if I get criticised, I don’t look good today, maybe I am good enough, I have to lose few pounds before I can be noticed, I need to whiten my teeth and the list goes on…

But here is the big secret I want to share with you: YOU ARE ALREADY PERFECT! yes today exactly as you are and how you look.

And people want to get to know you. The you that you are today, perfectly imperfect. With your life experiences – the good ones and the ones you would rather hide, with your strengths, weaknesses and even fears.

The brands that are most captivating are the ones that are most authentic. Authentic people are automatically liked and trusted more.  We don’t need to change or adjust who we are, the key is connecting to your true essence.

authenticityThe expectations of others….well let’s just say…. not my cup of tea. I don’t believe in trying so hard to meet the expectations of the market or the people around you that you end up being so confused and frustrated. Trying so hard to be someone you are not will have you feeling like an impostor. Even worse you end up losing yourself.

The process to create an authentic style and personal brand that gets you noticed is AUTHENTICITY.

Yes, as simple as that. I invite you today to appreciate the person you are. And to go a step further – embrace it and celebrate it. Really get to know who you are when we peel all the labels away. If you are not the mum or dad, partner, sister or brother, employee, business person, friend, what is left? What is your essence, your inner knowing? What is your story? What is unique about you?

Once you answer these questions clearly you will be on your way success and you will be able to create a powerful image and style. You will find easy to be visible and to share who you are with the world.

You will create an image and a presence that is a true representation of you, not a copy of someone else or a style that will make you ‘fit in’ and leaves you feeling uncomfortable. You will be able to look in the mirror with excitement and pride in what you see, and know that you are presenting your best self for the world to see. You have a very unique gift to share, remember that.

It is only when you are feeling confident and are empowered that you can truly start looking at sharing your brand with the world, learning how to be more magnetic and how to really connect with people on a deeper level.

First impressions are created within the first 3 seconds.  Ninety percent of that impression is based on how we look and how we move our body

You need to make sure your image, your personality, body language and message are consistent and align with who truly are at the core. Otherwise you won’t be remembered and worse you won’t feel satisfied with the impression you are projecting.

But the first and most important step is to embrace all that makes you YOU,  including your life experiences because they make you unique.  There is no one else exactly like you, and there will never be. This uniqueness should be celebrated by you and shared with the world.

So make sure you find who you really are today and make sure you infuse that into every piece of your brand: your personality, your body language, your image, your newsletters, your social media posts, the tone on your emails, your text messages, everywhere!  Start creating a brand that is a true reflection of your true best self.

9Alba is a personal brand and style coach. Her professional life included a high-flying corporate career for 14 years as an engineer. She has long been fascinated by the power of image and the way people can use their personal brand to positively impact their results in life and business.

She helps bring people’s image in line with their personal and professional roles and goals, giving them the clarity and confidence to look, feel, and achieve their best. She uses a unique, results-orientated approach, drawing on her experience with systems and processes as an engineer.

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