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The Truth about Visibility

Over 80 percent of the population wants to write a book.  Are you part of that group?  

Many people come to me with dreams of being a Best Selling author.  They want the title and then when it comes time to letting the world know about the book, their business and their expertise, they slink away and hide in the corner.  They wonder if they’re enough.  They ask if they really deserve it.  They act like they think can stay invisible and have a successful, thriving business and don’t understand how the two things are in conflict.

Visibility is the key to the success of your business and the key to using your Best Selling Book to boost your brand awareness.  After all, how can people know you exist if you’re not visible?

1_1-coachingHere’s the thing …. a book alone will never do anything for you.  It can’t.  It has no ability to take action and it has no ability to promote itself.  Having a Best Selling book and not sharing it is a big shame – all that work, dedication and expertise going to waste purely because no one knows about it.  Why would you write a Best Selling Book and not shout it from the rooftops?

A book is your TOOL for VISIBILITY and it creates social proof of your expertise.  A book gives you clout. A book will give you expert status.  A book will command attention for you.  A book will help you stand out.  A book is your LEGACY.  But a book is an inanimate object that can’t do a darn thing if you do nothing.

So if you want to write a book (and boost your business), VISIBILTY is the key.  You must be willing to show up to your own business.  Stop hiding and declare your expertise.  Otherwise, hide and do nothing and nothing will happen because a book can’t take action.  This is the difference between my clients who promote themselves along with their book and those who don’t.   If you’re not going to promote your book, you might as well not write it.   If you’re going to write one, write it RIGHT. And while you’re writing it, when it’s done and after its launch, promote the bejeezus out of it and grab that authority that comes with it so that you can be super visible and get those clients!


Vickie Gould is a multi #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Story Marketing Queen and Law of Attraction practitioner who helps her clients live lives true to themselves.  She encourages everyone to challenge the status quo of the popular “Happiness Formula” which says the way to happiness is by getting good grades, attending a well-respected University, climbing the corporate ladder and settling down.

Vickie is also an entrepreneurial empowerment coach, a speaker and a regular Huffington Post contributor and was contacted by Dr. Phil’s Assistant producer after her story ran there.  She’s been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, the Boston Globe and The Herald urging people to ditch their zombie lives based on her own story of regrets.  She is the publisher of magazine Real Deal™️ Magazine.

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