The Yin and Yang of Your Actions

Part 1. Remove your grey zones

I invite you to make a journey with me through the famous Chinese Yin Yang symbol in my way, where you through fast and simple exercises will change your way of
thinking about your actions. The goal of this 5-part series is to
make you better at making decisions, choose your actions, and to help you regain the control and flow of your entire life. It is not another course about the law of attraction since we will focus on your actions, that is your doing rather than your getting. 

The most striking feature of the Yin Yang symbol and what 
makes you recognise it in many different forms and
 interpretations is the black and white, one black side with 
a white dot and one white side with a black dot. That is all!
  That is what you can see with your eyes, but the power of any
symbol is what you can’t see. The hidden messages that are only
revealed to you when you are ready to see them and that can dramatically change your life when correctly applied.

Let’s get started with the fundamental meaning of the symbol, and that is that there are two aspects of everything. Note that there is no judgement in the symbol, no right or wrong, no good or bad. It is just an observation about the dualism of the universe and your life:  

Yin Yang

Black White Moon Sun Feminine Masculine

Yin Yang

Passive Active Cold Hot

If we apply this dualism to your actions we see that the black Yin stands for passive or not doing, while the white Yang means acting or doing. Now observe the smooth and harmonious line between the two. Do you see any grey zone? No, you don’t, since there aren’t any. And this is the power of the YinYang symbol! You only have the black and white and the sweeping line between them. You only have either or, but never a mix of them.

Look around in the room or think about your home.  My bet is that you see a lot of different colours in between black and white that you used to create a harmonious grey zone. We as humans need them to feel comfortable and relaxed, and that is why a Yin Yang symbol always stands out and make you react when you see it. Since it doesn’t give you any comfort but rather demand of you to choose a side, since there is no resting area in between.

Now back to your actions, where it demands of you to be passive like Yin or active like Yang, and the grey zone is now your inability to choose between them. But it was not always so! When you were little, you had no problems what so ever to act or not act. But then life taught you about the pain of failing and others judgement of your actions and without you noticing the grey zone between Yin and Yang grow and grow, and you became more and more doubtful.

yin-yangThe realm of choosing has now become a dangerous area, but the result if you remain indecisive might be as severe. So how do you know how to choose between Yin and Yang? You don’t! Remember that! You don’t! You can never be sure about the outcome, but you have to choose, or otherwise the process of choosing will drain your energy and impact other important things in your life.

You always do the best you can at any moment of your life, so trust in yourself and your feelings and decide to act or not act. Then stick to your decision until there are strong reasons to change them.

By reducing your grey zone when choosing between Yin and Yang, between not acting or acting, you can free up a tremendous amount of time and energy, reduce distractions, and learn more about yourself and the world around you. Just as you did when you were little, and everything was an adventure and an experience you couldn’t wait to explore! 

Be The Real Deal by stopping your time wasting efforts in the grey zone, and make decisions to act or not act. This is taking risks, but you will always do the best you can and will learn what is working and what is not along the way. 


Get three YinYang pendants.
Bring one with you by wearing it, keep it in your pocket, in your handbag or purse. Put one by your bed.

Put one in your working space.
 Touch and play with them before going to sleep, when you wake up or are thinking or making decisions. 
Every time you see or touch one think or say:
 I act or don’t act – no more grey zones! 

Part 2 will continue in the January 2017 issue.

7Mikael Bohlin is currently in the process of transforming his one-man company where he has been working as a software developer and life coach for almost 30 years in Sweden. He is now switching gear and will soon make the transition to a full-time personal and spiritual coach, as well as go worldwide.

30 years of helping individuals and groups have given him a rock steady foundation for his life coaching work, where he uses his experiences from the time he cured himself of an incurable disease to become a companion for any person setting out on a life-changing quest.

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