Meet Vickie

Vickie Gould is a Transformational Business and Book Caoch, Certified Divine Living Coach, Law of Attraction practitioner, and Multi #1 Best Selling Author who helps her clients live lives true to themselves.  She encourages everyone to challenge the status quo of the popular “Happiness Formula” which says the way to happiness is by getting good grades, attending a well-respected University, climbing the corporate ladder and settling down.  Her main mission is to make sure that people become the best versions of themselves and do not live a life of regrets. She encourages everyone to become that person that they were always destined for and know deep inside they long to be.  Be unrealistic about those dreams!

Vickie is also an entrepreneurial empowerment coach, a speaker and a regular Huffington Post contributor and was contacted by Dr. Phil’s Assistant producer after her story ran there.  She’s been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, the Boston Globe and The Herald urging people to ditch their zombie lives based on her own story of regrets.  Her new online magazine Real Deal™️ Magazine is due to be launched at the end of 2016.

Vickie believes that we all have a great purpose here and we each have specific gifts to share with the people we are meant to touch.  By squelching desires, we miss the chance to touch those lives and those people miss out on much as well.  By showing up as our best selves and being true to our desires, we become exactly who we were meant to be.  She believes that each and every one of us were created to be great.  We are meant to leave our marks and make an impact and live lives of significance.

Vickie uses her sense of humor, master story-weaving ability and fun spirit to bring this point home and help us see that the desires of our hearts are not wrong but actually put there on purpose so that we answer our calling.

Vickie is known for her unique shoes which are a symbol of her overcoming the confines of Chronic Lyme Disease and being able to enjoy living life to the fullest, in heels.


Speaking Topics

  • Living the Life You Were Meant For, No Regrets
  • Using Story to Grow Your Reach, Impact and Business
  • Empowerment – Inspiration – Motivation
  • Law of Attraction

Radio and Podcasts

The Tao of Self-Confidence

Natural born Speakers
WIRN Internet Radio
Talk Shoe Radio (approx 56 minutes in)

Published Articles and Books

Huffington Post
Thrive Global
Lady Boss
YFS Magazine

Books Amazon

Past Speaking Engagements 

Write and Speak Your Way to 5-Figure Months, Women Who Wow, Michigan International Women’s Expo, Bold Radio, Natural Born Speakers, WIRN Internet Radio, Snap Fitness, Transformation Time Fitness, Faith Baptist Church, Edward Jones Investments, Real Estate One, Talk Shoe Radio, Lyme Lessons, Oakland-Wayne Lyme Disease Association

National Speaker’s Association, Women’s Speaker Association, Toastmasters International


Divine Living Academy – Certified Business Coach
Global Sciences Foundation – Law of Attraction Practitioner, Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner
Natural Healing College – Master Herbalist, Certificate in Holistic Health
Reiki Infinite Healer – Reiki Master
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – B.S. Actuarial Mathematics
Silver Protege Sales Certified – Eric Lofholm International
Currently pursuing NLP and Ho’oponopono certification

Contact Information
phone: 810.278.5837

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