Write your book and uplevel your business
in luxurious Barcelona or Paris!

  • Wish you could get some dedicated time to finally write that business book?
  • Wish you could clear your mind and recharge your energy somewhere you've always wanted to go, that would also help you be inspired to write?
  • Wish you could shut out all the distractions in a place where you could just be alone with yourself and hear your own thoughts clearly?

It's time to give yourself the gift you've been wishing for and with a
VIP Destination Solo Book Retreat!

Time away, no distractions, beautiful location to relax, clearing up energy and space to write that book. How does THAT sound?  An inspiring location for inspiring your words and business.

I'd like to share that with you, so I've put together solo retreats dedicated to YOU where we start with time together talking about how to write your book and get it to Best Seller status, and most importantly what to do with your book after it becomes a Best Seller because it can't ever end there.  Knowing how to leverage and market yourself after your Best Seller title is the missing piece and where most people stop. But not you. You'll leave knowing exactly what to do.

We'll also work on your writing, author and coaching mindset so that you can get past your current blocks and get clear (and moving) on how to use your book to achieve your vision and goals for your business.  

I've noticed through my world travels that my surroundings really inspire me - ideas, motivation, recharging, big downloads.  Each time I've traveled, I've come back with more ideas, better mindset, clearer thinking and have immediately increased my income.  When was the last time you allowed yourself this kind of opportunity?  

Did you know that dedicated time for you, your book and your business is like the equivalent of months of coaching?  You owe it to yourself to give yourself this gift!

What you'll get:  

  • Choose a 4 or 8 hour in-person 1:1 intensive to start with three 30 minute followups
  • Get my step-by-step manual for creating your book, putting together a schedule, launching your book and becoming that author who proudly owns that Best Seller title
  • Get clear on your book's purpose and audience
  • Find out how to get past writer's block
  • Learn to tap into those inspired downloads for your book content
  • Learn how to structure your book for maximum interest and impact
  • Find out the must-have components in the beginning and end of your book
  • Learn to seed your book properly to turn those readers into coaching clients
  • Get the secret launch details and sequence to get your book to Best Seller status
  • Learn what to do AFTER your successful launch (because that's not the end)
  • Learn how to create your first simple funnel using your Best Selling Book
  • Get a plan together to maintain buzz for your book and business to keep YOU top of mind
  • Find out the marketing methods that incorporate your Best Selling Book to grow your list, get more reach, sign more clients and make more money!

Message me at vickie@vickiegould.com to discuss your needs and plan which location best suits you.  I'm also open to meet you at the destination of your choice, scheduling permitting!

Meet Me in Barcelona, Spain on June 15th or 16th!

Full Day VIP Destination Solo Retreat
8 hours of coaching and followups: $3500*
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

* flight and lodging are your responsibility



Upcoming VIP Destination Solo Retreat Locations and Dates

Barcelona, Spain

June 15 or 16


Paris, France

August 30


colorful-2-chairHi, I'm Vickie Gould, multi #1 Amazon Best Selling Author and I've always loved words.  I love the psychology of words too, and I've always loved learning about why we do what we do, as well.  Words matter so much.  They can uplift and inspire, and they can tear and break down. I want to motivate and help people to see their potential - that life that they're meant to live. 

I never thought my life would end up here, but looking back, it makes so much sense.

From the time I was in elementary school, I always had a "side gig" and even when I took that corporate route, I still had those side gigs.  I couldn't kick that entrepreneurial spirit.

I also became the editor of the school newspaper, yearbook and literary magazine (yes, I kind of monopolized them all).  I enjoyed so much the creative side and the strategic side of creating all those things.  It's no surprise now that I also have my own online magazine, Real Deal™️ Magazine.  

But there was a not-so-fun-time in my life when I was very sick.  I was stuck in bed basically for 4 years of my life. And the view from my bed wasn't very uplifting as my children grew up without me and life passed me by.  I spend many days in my head, thinking of how to get better, IF I was ever going to get better and the thoughts that swirled through my head about what the purpose of my illness was.

And on those nights I spent crying on the cold bathroom floor or next to my sleeping husband, I grieved the life I thought I'd never get to live, which only took me back to all the things that I wished I would've done had I known I would be sick.  There were days I wanted to give up and days I knew I just had to see my children grow up, and for me to have to the chance to see my future grandchildren.

Those were the thoughts that kept me going and I started to change my thoughts about who I was - who I had always been meant to be and how there must be a purpose for my life.  I was not going to leave this world without having left my mark.  I didn't want to go through all this and not have an impact.  I told myself no more regrets.  No more looking back and wishing.  From now on, there would only be me, helping others, leaving a legacy and living life to the fullest. 

So probably no surprise either that wanting to leave my mark and helping others make an impact and leave their legacy, led to books.  Helping entrepreneurs just like you to strategically write Amazon Short Read Lead Magnet books (these are book that are easily read in 2 hours, about 65 pages and become part of a marketing plan to funnel ideal clients to you) is where my heart is.  

If you want influence, impact, legacy and significance, you need to write a book for your business.  Not only does it help you to live forever in your own words, but it also creates a way for your ideal prospect to get to know you intimately, through your stories, making a connection with you and then wanting to reach out to become your next client. 

But your book by itself won't ever be your magic pill, you've got to add into the mix, your mindset, your ability to manifest what you want and continual marketing to keep you top of mind with your clients.  That's what I help you do as well.  

My background:  

  • Law of Attraction Certified Practitioner through Global Sciences Foundation
  • Certified Divine Living Transformational Life and Business Coach through Divine Living Academy, ICF approved for specific coaching hours
  • Silver Protege Sales Certified through Eric Lofholm International
  • Completed programs from and trained with Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, Ted McGrath, and Callan Rush
  • Studying NLP through Global Science Foundation
  • Publisher and Owner of Real Deal™️ Magazine
  • Master Herbalist, Reiki Master, Aromatherapist.

I'm a multi #1 Amazon Best Selling Author and I've been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and many others including telesummits and podcasts.  I am a regular contributing blogger on Huffington Post.  I publish and own the Real Deal™️ Magazine. 

Don't keep muddling through.  Get the boost you need by getting away.  Just think of what it would feel like to have this time to write your book, clear your head and be set up for RESULTS!  

What if you could have most of that book done (or even all of it) while you were away, get re-energized for your business, get the spark back for your work and go back home a new person? 

This time away is what you've been needing.  Don't deny yourself any longer!

Message me at vickie@vickiegould.com to discuss your needs and plan which location best suits you.