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Upcoming Event Schedule: 

Empowerment Initiative Reloaded by Gather and Grow Detroit – March 21, 2020 Southfield, MI

Michigan Entrepreneurial Empowerment and Growth Summit – April 25, 2020 Southfield, MI

Fearless Women’s Summit – May 2, 2020 Chicago

The Vision Summit – August 1, The Charles H. Wright Museum, Michigan

Best Selling Author | Speaker | Coach

The Power of StoryTelling

As a result of working with Vickie Gould, entrepreneurs, organizations and corporations are able to harness the power of storytelling to grow their reach, create effective marketing for more brand awareness, write impactful best selling books and attract more clients.

Endorsement from Lisa Nichols – 
6-time best-selling author and world-renowned motivational speaker


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Who is a great fit for Vickie’s keynote speeches, lunch and learns, and workshops?

Anyone looking to create better connections with their prospects to turn them into clients. Anyone who wants to clarify their messaging and make it more powerful.  Anyone who wants greater brand awareness and loyalty. This includes sales teams, marketing and advertising departments, fundraising professionals, social media managers, coaches, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, online and offline businesses.

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