Vickie Gould      

Multi #1 Best Selling Author

Certified Law of Attraction Business and Book Coach

Why Am I Different as a Book Coach?

Because I’m more than a book coach.  A book coach may help you write your book and publish it.  Some may also offer the Best Seller status, like I do.  But there’s so much more!  My background is in marketing, business coaching and Law of Attraction, so I know that ending at Best Seller is a big disservice to an entrepreneur who wants to use their book for more than a vanity project.


I don’t believe a Best Selling Book is the end-all “thing.”  I don’t believe that serious entrepreneurs who want to write a book are the same as authors. 


Entrepreneurs- authors leverage their book to turn readers into clients who buy their signature programs.  Author-authors see their book as the end product – their only desire is to sell books. 


Entrepreneurs sell (or give away) books for a more profitable Return On Investment because they have a bigger vision for their business.  They use their book as a smart marketing tool to create opportunities to grow their business on multiple platforms.


But all the above pales in comparison to the fact that writing your book is transformation for YOU.  You become a new person, an upleveled, better version who is more in line with your soul’s calling.  When this happens, the energy you put out and the confidence you exude attracts clients like you’ve never imagined, with more EASE than you’ve ever felt.  


So you want to write a best Seller…. 

If you’re a heart-centered online coach or entrepreneur with an important story to share in your book because you know it could help others, you’re just like my clients. 


            They say, “If my story changes the life of just one person, it will be worth it.” 


                                                             Then we say, “AND if it could touch millions, even better!”


AND WHAT IF …. during the process of writing your best seller, you could create content for your social media, emails, articles, and even courses for an entire year AND also grow your following easily?


AND WHAT IF …. your book ended up being the best thing you ever did …. for yourself?


You know, your story is actually the foundation of much in your business.  It’s the cornerstone of why you do what you do, who you help and what fuels your passion.  It’s also wher you get to dig around and get rid of past, limiting beliefs and the things that hold you back from your greatness.  Plus, it’s the connection that creates fans who buy and refer you.  

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