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How to Write and Profit from Your Business Book

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  • Find out the critical pieces you need to have in place to profit from your book (so that it doesn't turn into a vanity project)
  • Learn the simple formula on how many books you need to "sell" per months to hit $5-10k or more (it's probably much fewer than you think)
  • Learn how to organize your thoughts easily so they're useful and meaningful (so your book helps people and makes sense)
  • Discover 5 shortcuts to saving time writing a best seller
    (so you can get it done in less time than you thought possible)
  • Take the scary out of writing and publishing your book
    (and replace it with confidence and know-how)
  • Learn the #1 trick to growing your list with your book even if Amazon won't give you purchaser emails

Who is this for? Entrepreneurs, coaches and speakers who know they have a book inside of them but feel lost about how to get it out.

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Meet Vickie

Vickie Gould is a book coach and certified business strategist. Using her signature holistic strategy, she helps her clients go from blank page to best seller, grow their following, help others who are struggling, attract ideal clients, increase their income, and make the worldwide impact that they desire.

Vickie is the author of 10 international best-selling books like Easy Writer and Standing in the Gap, and has also helped 92 others become worldwide best-selling authors. She has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox,, HuffPost and Thrive Global, and has previously published an online magazine.