GAH!  You're watching as the other people in your industry have coaching packages and are holding the exact retreats you want to host for 10x the price you're charging.  It's frustrating.  And you think, "I'm better even, and I do my thing in a completely different, unique way.  Why can't I charge THAT or host a retreat like THAT?"

Is it time to write that book that you've been thinking about?

Because, you know - you've spent all your time in business being a generalist.  You've known deep down that "generalist" is not what you've been called to do.  You thought maybe it was safer, or that maybe you could help more people.  But you're tired of being stuck in one-off sessions doing work that's just "okay."

The people who you've been coaching seem to be in a totally different world than the ones you know you're meant to serve.  You don't feel like you belong here .... and that's because you don't.

The people you're called to serve are of a totally different caliber.  They're hurting deeply and stifled in their life.  Your heart aches for them.

You feel like you're on one side of a chasm you're meant to cross.  You're supposed to be living on the other side!  But there's no bridge and you can't jump over the big abyss.  

Here's the thing - I look at you and I see ....

You've been shrinking inside yourself.  You know your work is absolutely valuable in the world but you wonder, "Could I dare charge THAT?"

You've seen so many lives changed with the work you do.  You know it's important work - you went through your traumas, struggles, mental anguish just so you could HELP PEOPLE.  It's a God-given talent. 

I look at you again and I see...

UNLIMITED, untapped potential.  There's a scared child inside you though.  What if you're rejected?  What if you're not accepted because you stood up for yourself and dared to be different?

Your fears around money and what will happen if you truly become the success you see when you close your eyes have kept you small and hidden.  It's like you want to keep it hidden and you want to scream it out and declare it to the world all at the same time.

What if you took that chance?  THAT ONE CHANCE ON YOU?

 --  Maybe you'd rock the stage.
 --  Maybe you'd triple your prices.
--  Maybe you'd hold high level transformational retreats and events.

 --  Maybe you'd finally find your true potential.

It's time to niche it down even more in your business and quit being that generalist because once you do, people will start to seek you out.  World will spread as if you're some sort of soothsayer.  People will purely want to be in your presence for presence's sake.

And again you ask yourself, "How?  How could I get known for what I REALLY want to be known for and niche it down?"  Oh my dear, that would be YOUR BOOK.

It's time to step out into the book that's NOT SAFE
and share the ideas you have that are not traditional.

It's time to be your legacy while you live.  

Write that book that matters more to you than anything else (this is the real reason you haven't written it yet - it means so much to you, it frightens you).

Stop worrying about how it might be received.  This book is about YOU.  It's your transformation time .... through your book.

And I can help you get it to Best Seller.

Once your Best Selling book is done you'll see - opportunities will start to flow in.  People will start to request and seek you out.  And you'll finally feel complete because that unsettledness inside you?  THAT was about your book not being done and your work here on earth being incomplete.  You had tried to deny it for so long. 

Once you see all that opens up for you, you'll wonder why you ever worried in the first place.

So let me make this easy for you and help you with that book through ....

In this program, I walk you step by step through the exact process I’ve used to write 8 books, and launch them to Best Seller with a personal and business growth process that is the reason why I say, "The most transformational book you read is the one you write."  To date, I've helped 84 authors become Best Sellers and I'd love to help you too.

There are 4 BIG differences that make this program unique ....

  • You get a wholistic approach to growing your business.  You'll learn how to set aside fears, bust through limiting beliefs, and attract clients with ease.  All through the process of writing your Best Seller.
  • We make sure your book makes sense and lines up with your business goals so that you don't end up with an expensive business card or vanity book that collects dust.  We make sure it matters.
  • Your book will launch to Best Seller, guaranteed, IN A PAID CATEGORY (this is not a freebie giveaway marketing promotion)
  • You and your book will also be "as seen on" ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, guaranteed (only exception may be books in the weight loss category)

*Best Seller is considered anything ranking 100 or better on Amazon

Can you imagine?

  • Finally putting your amazing thoughts, experiences, and learnings onto paper in a way that lets you leave a proud legacy and helps change the world.
  • Getting known for what you TRULY want to be remembered for.
  • Having conference coordinators and event planners ask you to speak on their stages not just because you wrote a Best Seller, but because of how you told your story.
  • Getting so filled up in your one-on-one coaching business, you have a waiting list.
  • Allowing yourself to be fully present to what you really want and who you really are.
  • Feeling complete and fulfilled in your purpose in this world.
  • Finally doing that SCARY THING and allowing yourself to be potentially judged for your mistakes, experiences, thoughts and story in your book .... AND coming out triumphantly on top.

Are you finally ready to write your book?

Acceptance into the program is limited and is only by application for the highly committed.

Yes, I am committed to writing my book now

Click above if you're ready to apply now.  If you're ready later, I'll be excited to hear from you then.
(p.s. if you're waiting on the perfect time, it won't come - just like there's no perfect time to have kids)

What does coaching really look like?

Our time together is not just about our time on the phone.  You'll have access to my online programs which I may refer you to when you need a little more explanation about something.  I do that because I want our precious 1:1 time to be dedicated to things that are specific to ONLY YOU.  

You'll have access to me via email too where I look at your landing pages, sales pages, email funnels ... whatever we are working on and I'll give you a response during my office hours, in between sessions, and even send you an online video of my comments if need be.

I will read every last word of your book and help you with your stories, structure of your book, your topic, seeding and marketing suggestions, ask for more (or sometimes less) elaboration, give you suggestions and ask questions for you to answer inside your book.  We'll also work on the freebie you'll give your reader so that you can capture their email and grow your list and community. 

In essence, it's my goal that you feel fully supported and never feel alone. 

Plus, I'll write your Press Release

to showcase you, your business, and your new Best Selling book!

(get "as seen on"  ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX - $1500 value)

Are you ready to change lives, including your own?
Click the button below to apply to the Goulden Coaching Program.

Yes, I want a spot!

Disclaimer:  this program is not for everyone and has limited spots ....

The most ideal candidate for Goulden Coaching is an someone who knows they want to leave a legacy and make a bigger impact.  They have a proven core signature program that people are buying but frustrated because it's not as successful as they like, and it feels like something is missing.  They know that their story was meant to be shared with the world and they feel purposeful in their desire to write their book - it's urgent for them.  They're committed to writing a book that truly matters.

I'm ready to apply

Real success stories, from real people!

Bakytgul Mahkmet's Best Seller Experience

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colorful-2-chairHi, I'm Vickie Gould, multi #1 Amazon Best Selling Author and I've always loved words.  I love the psychology of words too, and I've always loved learning about why we do what we do, as well.  Words matter so much.  They can uplift and inspire, and they can tear and break down. I want to motivate and help people to see their potential - that life that they're meant to live. 

I never thought my life would end up here, but looking back, it makes so much sense.

From the time I was in elementary school, I always had a "side gig" and even when I took that corporate route, I still had those side gigs.  I couldn't kick that entrepreneurial spirit.

I also became the editor of the school newspaper, yearbook and literary magazine (yes, I kind of monopolized them all).  I enjoyed so much the creative side and the strategic side of creating all those things.  It's no surprise now that I also had my own online magazine, Real Deal™️ Magazine.  

But there was a not-so-fun-time in my life when I was very sick.  I was stuck in bed basically for 4 years of my life. And the view from my bed wasn't very uplifting as my children grew up without me and life passed me by.  I spend many days in my head, thinking of how to get better, IF I was ever going to get better and the thoughts that swirled through my head about what the purpose of my illness was.

And on those nights I spent crying on the cold bathroom floor or next to my sleeping husband, I grieved the life I thought I'd never get to live, which only took me back to all the things that I wished I would've done had I known I would be sick.  There were days I wanted to give up and days I knew I just had to see my children grow up, and for me to have to the chance to see my future grandchildren.

Those were the thoughts that kept me going and I started to change my thoughts about who I was - who I had always been meant to be and how there must be a purpose for my life.  I was not going to leave this world without having left my mark.  I didn't want to go through all this and not have an impact.  I told myself no more regrets.  No more looking back and wishing.  From now on, there would only be me, helping others, leaving a legacy and living life to the fullest. 

So probably no surprise either that wanting to leave my mark and helping others make an impact and leave their legacy, led to books.  Helping entrepreneurs just like you to strategically write Amazon Short Read Lead Magnet books (these are book that are easily read in 2 hours, about 65 pages and become part of a marketing plan to funnel ideal clients to you) is where my heart is.  

If you want influence, impact, legacy and significance, you need to write a book for your business.  Not only does it help you to live forever in your own words, but it also creates a way for your ideal prospect to get to know you intimately, through your stories, making a connection with you and then wanting to reach out to become your next client. 

But your book by itself won't ever be your magic pill, you've got to add into the mix, your mindset, your ability to manifest what you want and continual marketing to keep you top of mind with your clients.  That's what I help you do as well.  

My background:  

  • Law of Attraction Certified Practitioner through Global Sciences Foundation
  • Law of Attraction Advanced Wealth Certified Practitioner through Global Sciences Foundation
  • Certified Divine Living Transformational Life and Business Coach through Divine Living Academy, ICF approved for specific coaching hours
  • Silver Protege Sales Certified through Eric Lofholm International
  • Completed programs from and trained with Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, Ted McGrath, and Callan Rush
  • Studying NLP and Ho'oponopono through Global Science Foundation
  • Master Herbalist, Reiki Master, Aromatherapist.

I'm a multi #1 Amazon Best Selling Author and I've been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and many others including telesummits and podcasts.  I am a regular contributing blogger on Huffington Post

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How long is our time together?

    A.Five months.  In general, the first 2 to 3 months will be used to write your book (and for me to read it) and get it to Best Seller.  The remaining time will be spent creating and further implementing your social media strategy so that you can get more followers and grow your reach and impact.  You will get a book funnel swipe file if you’d also like to create a marketing funnel with your book as well. The 1:1 coaching package has 10 forty-five minute private sessions.

  • Q.I don’t have a business tied to my book. I just want to be a Best Selling author. Does it make sense for us to work together?

    A.If you’re writing fiction, poetry, or a vanity book, this program is not right for you.  I help people create clients out of their books.

  • Q.Is editing included?

    A.Editing up to 75 pages is included in the Real Deal coaching program.

  • Q.Who is doing the publishing of my book?

    A.I coach my clients to self-publish their book.  You will have much more flexibility this way, get your book published faster and retain the maximum amount of profits.

  • Q.How long will it take to get to Best Seller?

    A.In general, you’ll be a Best Seller in 3 months of beginning our coaching – this is usually about 2-4 weeks after your book is completely done.  You will hit Best Seller within 24-48 hours of the date you choose to launch/release your book.  You will be “as seen on” ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX soon after your Best Seller launch.

  • Q.Is creating my cover included?

    A.Creating a cover is very personal.  This is why it’s up to you to find someone who can make a cover that reflects you.  I have a great recommendation on fiverr.

  • Q.Can you help me sell enough books to earn passive income? That’s all I want.

    A.My coaching is not about selling books for passive income.  You will make the most income from the upsell after your book.  You will help the reader see this as their next step, with my help. You are, first and foremost, an entrepreneur and you will make far more money through getting clients from your books than the royalties that Amazon gives you.

  • Q.How is your online program different from your 1:1 coaching?

    A.You will get complete access to my online program, Easy Writer, included with 1:1 coaching.  One big difference is the Easy Writer online program is a purely online course with no live coaching.  The promise of my online course is to create a business book that becomes a Best Seller.

    Working with me 1:1 will allow us to not just work on your book and Best Seller launch, but also have me read it and give you personalized feedback.  We also work on growing your following while you write your book.  By the time we’re done, you’ll know how to be masterful at storytelling, how to write engaging emails, and social media posts and know how to create a year’s worth of social media content including videos and courses if you’d like.

  • Q.Is there a payment plan?

    A.Yes, definitely.  For the convenience of my clients who want a payment plan, the payment is $2400 per month for 5 months.  If you pay in full, you will receive a $2000 discount and get my 1:1 coaching for just $10,000.

  • Q.What kinds of books do you help people with?

    A.In general, the books best suited to my program are books that are tied to a business because the really revenue from books comes from converting that reader into a client who buys one of your products or high end packages.  It’s critical that you have an upsell for your reader.

  • Q.I'd love to work with you but do you have a smaller package?

    A.If you’re asking because of the investment, I would refer you to my Easy Writer Guaranteed Amazon Best Seller program at

    If you’re asking because you don’t think it will take 5 months, in my experience, unless you just want to only complete the book and get to Best Seller, and you don’t care about the rest, we will need that time to grow your following, create your posts and videos, potentially even create a course from your book together.

  • Q.How can you guarantee the Best Seller title?

    A.I have a tried and true launch sequence that I will share with you when we work together.  It’s never failed since implementing it.


  • Q.Can I talk to someone to see if this program is really for me?

    A.Absolutely!  Just click the button below and apply to talk to me.  I’d be happy to help you decide if this program is a good fit.


Apply for a spot in Goulden Coaching