Want to write a book for your business but you don’t know when is the best time or how to use it to get more clients?  

Well, one of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen entrepreneurs make is trying to write a book too soon.

And the other mistake I see is not utilizing that Best Seller to it’s highest potential – that is, to create a strategy that will actually turn your readers into clients. 

What would happen if you could get your best selling book into the hands of 10 ideal clients per month?  How many of those readers do you think you could close?  Twenty percent?  Thirty percent?  More?

Imagine what your life could look like if you had your mission, purpose, message, story and Best Selling book all aligned with your signature coaching packages and products … and could automate a system that would get you appointments on autopilot with readers who are eager to become clients! 

Take a listen to the video where I draw out the timeline and the five steps to your Best Seller Client-Getting Strategy!





If you’re ready get going on that business book so you can grow your reach, share your message with more of an impact, create clients from readers and leave a lasting legacy, I think you’ll love my Easy Writer Guaranteed Amazon Best Seller program.  You’ll get the full strategy for writing your book from picking the best topic through Bet Seller launch and marketing for consistent book sales afterwards. 

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