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"The life you save with the story you share may very well be your own."

~ Vickie Gould         

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it started with a dream

from a twinkle

When I was 3, I dreamt of being big. I would put on my patent leather shoes and dance in front of the TV to Lawrence Welk and pretend I was famous. No one told me that I couldn’t. That feeling never went away. I spent all my life yearning to be famous, to be noticed and wanting people to know who I was. I wanted to do something important for the world. I decided I would have my name written in history. I was going to BE somebody … one day. And people would comment that I had a special twinkle and a magnetic something about me – even they knew that I was meant to make a difference somewhere. Things changed as I grew older and advice became more cautious. I grew into a young adult and was told to stop being unreasonable and unrealistic about what I wanted to do. I was told to be responsible, quit dreaming and come back to earth, so I did like I was told and went to college, married, had kids, bought a house and became Assistant Vice President of a large bank – all by the time I was 26. I did everything right – by the book. I followed the “perfect formula” for happiness.

The perfect formula failed

The only problem was that the “perfect formula” failed me. It didn’t make me happy. It felt like something was missing. And I wanted more.

my turnaround

My life drastically changed when I got very sick – misdiagnosed with lupus and then bedridden for almost 3.5 years with Chronic Lyme Disease. So many nights I would cry on the bathroom floor at midnight or 2 a.m. being sad, angry and bitter about the life I had squandered away. I had bought into being a people pleasing martyr, pushed my wants aside. I had rearranged my schedule. I had said “yes” when I didn’t mean it. I had told myself ‘NO’ too many times and denied myself happiness in order to feel good about “putting others first”. I had hidden myself because I was afraid people wouldn’t accept me for being smart, funny, quirky and opinionated. I had dulled my own shine so other wouldn’t feel bad. I downplayed my strengths. I had lived a life that wasn’t mine, misaligned with my purpose. Sadly, deep down, I had always known because there had been that unhappy, unsettled feeling that I had ignored. Now that sickness made it seem like there wasn’t anything left to look forward to, I regretted what I had done. Lucky for me though, I got better and now I have a second chance to live the life I was meant for.

my mission

I’m on a mission to make sure that everyone on the planet realizes their potential and doesn’t miss out on the life they should’ve had because they’re sitting around squelching their true selves and desires, listening to others tell them what they are capable or “allowed” to do. Don’t miss your chance at what your life was supposed to be. You have greatness in you. I believe every single person was put here on earth for a reason and it was not to be mediocre. I believe in you. I believe in your vision. I want to help you tell the whole world that you’ve got something important to share with them and be the BIG DEAL, REAL DEAL you know you are inside. The most rewarding part of what I get to do is that I help entrepreneurs break through the shackles holding them back, hear their stories, see them for who they are, help them fulfill their potential and create businesses and lives that they thought were not available for them. I get to see them run their business authentically, with ease and shine for who they really are. I’m blessed to be part of their journey.


Vickie Gould is a book coach and content marketing strategist who has studied under Lisa Nichols and Gina Devee. Using her signature wholistic strategy, she helps her clients write best selling book that share their stories impactfully, grow their following attract ideal clients, increase their income, and make the worldwide impact that they desire. Vickie is the author of 10 international best-selling books like Hit Publish! and Standing in the Gap, and has also helped nearly 100 others become worldwide best-selling authors. She has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, and featured in, Tedx U of M, HuffPost, Thrive Global, and has previously published an online magazine. Vickie lives in Michigan with her husband and three children. She is also embarking on a new novel based on stories from her own life.


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• Certified Transformational Life and Business Coach through Divine Living Academy, an ICF approved coaching program
• Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner through Global Science Foundation by Dr. Steve Jones and Dr. Joe Vitale
• Global Leaders Program through Motivating the Masses with Lisa Nichols
• Silver Protege Sales Certified through Eric Lofholm International
• #44 of Saving Her Elegance’s 2018 “100 Women You Should Know” Campaign
• Vice President on the Board of the National Entrepreneurs Association

Other Certifications and Achievements: Master Herbalist, Reiki Master, Aromatherapist, Multi #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX,, The Boston Globe, The Herald and many podcasts and telesummits.

Corporate Background: Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) – Information Technology Consultant, Change Management Specialist, specializing in Healthcare and Financial Industries, Rock Financial (now Quicken Loands) – Database Manager, Comerica Bank – Assistant Vice President, Risk Management Statistician, Edward Jones Investments – Independent Stock Broker (previously licensed in series 6, 7, 63, annuities, life insurance)

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So there's this shoe story ....

I’ve been known to buy a pair of shoes … or 2 … or 3 … or  …. Well, I love shoes!  When Chronic Lyme Disease kept me in bed, dizzy and unable to be social, I eventually thought I might as well get rid of all my great shoes because I thought I’d never need them again.  It made me really sad , but someone who was in bed for 18 hours a day doesn’t need nice or fancy stuff, right? 

When I started to get better, buying my first pair of high heeled shoes again was my way of saying that I believed that I would get even better and that it would “stick”. (Lyme disease is known for flares and ups and downs so I never knew if my good days would last for very long.)

Now my shoes are not just an obsession for me.  It’s also a statement.  Sure, I plain like to buy unique, cool shoes but now it’s also symbolic of my saying to Lyme disease, “Take THAT!” and telling The Universe that I’m claiming my life again.

So when you see me, check out my shoes and smile for me because it’s my statement of taking hold of my life.  They may not be in every photo of me, but I promise, the cool shoes are there.  And I will never, ever, ever, ever go back to living a life that’s not meant for me.

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