(from launch to BEST SELLER in 24 hours)

If you’ve been wanting to write a book (YAY!)

If you’ve been thinking it could help grow your business (you’re right!)

If you’d love the boost to your authority and expertise (that’ll happen!)

BUT maybe you’re worried that ….

… it’s overwhelming
… has too many moving parts
… will take a long long long time
… no one will want to read it
… you’ll be judged for what you share
… you’re not a good enough writer
… be a distraction from your other obligations

Or maybe you’re thinking …

Who do you think you are?
You’re not expert enough.
You’re not famous enough.
You don’t even know what to write about.
You don’t know how to publish it.
You feel like it’s the great unknown
….. and it sounds scary!

And all those thoughts are the same thoughts that stop great people who have an amazing impact to make with amazing stories to tell from getting their book out into the world. 

I don’t want this to be you!

I remember what it was like writing my first book.  I worried about those exact things too. I wondered if I’d sell even ONE copy and I wasn’t sure if my book would even make sense. 

But I knew that I wanted to get my story out and help people, so I held my breath and hit that publish button and launched my book.

I thought if it just existed on Amazon that it would get promoted and the sales would just roll in. Boy, was I wrong!  I watched that sales report page for a long time before anything happened.

And then my greatest fear happened — I got a horrible review that made me feel like crawling into my closet to hide forever.

Check it out:


But I knew there was a reason why my heart was telling me that I needed to share more stories. I knew that my story wasn’t meant for just me.  And I knew that my journey could help someone out there. 

While it definitely wasn’t overnight and I went through plenty of trial and error, I learned a lot in the process of re-launching that book. Then I learned even more getting my next nine books to best seller. And since then, I’ve been blessed to help 102 people become best selling authors too, getting over half of them seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX as well.

I’m so glad that I didn’t throw in the towel because I wouldn’t have figured out how to help all these people achieve their book writing dreams. Now I want to do the same for you.

Here’s what people say about working with me … 

From world renown motivational speaker Lisa Nichols ….

“I appreciate your contribution on this planet — what you do with people. Thank you for helping us get our stories out and share our brilliance.  If you ever want to learn from someone, learn from someone [Vickie] who shares with you how they’re learning themselves. That’s the right coach.” 

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I’ve helped people become best selling authors in
 4 continents, 13 countries and 21 states … 

I bet you don’t want to write a book just to say you wrote one. It wasn’t my goal and it surely wasn’t for my past clients either.

And I’ve helped people from all walks of life all over the world like ….

  • a mom and autistic daughter team
  • a LGBTQ leadership coach
  • a relationship coach
  • a Canadian Olympic Track star
  • a financial coach
  • a retired teacher
  • a Tedx speaker
  • a romance novelist
  • an intimacy coach
  • a doctor and health coach
  • a speaker coach
  • a Shaman
  • a woman looking to get out of her corporate job
  • someone with a side hustle
    … and so many more!


Just check this out below (yes she did this in 24 hours)
Best Selling author

100% of People Who Implemented Easy Writer
Became Best Sellers … and Did it in 24 Hours! 

When you do it right, your book is not just a great read, it’s not just a best seller — it’s a full experience that your reader doesn’t want to end. When that magic happens through your storytelling, book structure, seeding and other content, your reader will want to continue that experience right into your products, programs and services. THIS is where your real money is made.

And it doesn’t have to be hard, overly complicated, or long and drawn out. I’ve been told frequently that I have a way of breaking down seemingly complicated things into easy to follow steps that can be implemented quickly. 

All you need to do is follow what I lay out in my Easy Writer program to write your book the RIGHT WAY … and in just 12 weeks you can finish that book.

THEN …. 

👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼  100% of my clients who finish writing their book and launch it with my S.I.M.P.L.E. proven system become a best seller within 24 hours of their launch. 

I’m so confident of your success if you just follow the plan, I guarantee you’ll be a best seller when you’re finished.

Some people who have done it … 

She thought she had to be more famous or do more before she could be a best seller….

Vickie helped me to get past my limiting beliefs about writing my book and getting it out. I always tell my clients that it was the best money I ever spent. I earned back the money within the first week of launching my book.

Best Selling Author
“Breaking Bravely”
Stacie Winkfield

At first, I thought I was going to write my book on my own, but I know that I would not have had the tools to be this successful. Vickie is a great one to have in your corner and I’m truly grateful to have been a part of the program and to have Vickie as my guide. I made 10-12 times my investment within 6 months after I launched my book and I’m continuing to get my money’s worth. Based on my book, I created a beta test of 12 people in a group program and I have speaking gigs nationwide that are paid.

Best Selling Author
“7 Steps to Success”
Dr. Joy Lough

I got my book done in about 8 weeks and it has truly been the catalyst to my motivational speaking. I can now see the goal of exiting corporate in the next 6 months come to fruition.  My book has helped me get paid more than my normal speaker fee and it has truly been invaluable to my success.

Best Selling Author
“Learning to Pivot”
Deneen Andrades

Vickie has a magical approach and I wrote my book in 30 days. It’s not just about the book. It’s about how she empowers you, helps you get clear with your message and use your story. I had a fantastic experience with Vickie and you know when you want to repeat those great experiences? That’s how I feel now.

Best Selling Author
“From Ugly Duckling to Digital Swan”
Bakytgul Makhmet

Easy Writer Guaranteed Best Selling Author program

Here’s How Easy Writer Makes it Easy for You … 

teal-check-markMy S.I.M.P.L.E. plug and play formula to write your book

teal-check-markA fully laid out template to structure each of your chapters

teal-check-markEasy to personalize timeline planner for writing your book in the first 60 days

teal-check-markShortcuts to finishing AND marketing your book to get the sales you need for Best Seller

teal-check-markHow to craft your book so that your content flows, makes sense, and is meaningful

teal-check-markMy proven B.O.O.K. storytelling formula to make your book a page-turner

teal-check-markMy Week-at-a-Glance checklist to ensure you’ve done everything to become a best seller

teal-check-markClear and simple step-by-step instructions for self-publishing even if you’re not a techie

teal-check-markGet your book distributed to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Scribd, Kobo, and more.

teal-check-markPrecise proven launch strategy that my clients have used to get to best seller in under 24 hours

teal-check-markFacebook Group community and scheduled writing time calls for accountability and support 

*Best Seller is anything 100 or better in a category


My signature 4-hour intensive masterclass 


Book Funnel Swipe File to consistently sell your book and turn those readers into paying clients

What’s inside Easy Writer … 

What else are they saying … 

Brought in over $2M and landed a Tedx talk … 

Tedx Curtis March Best Selling Author
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So Vickie, how much is this going to be? 

I know you probably want to make sure your book is the best reflection of you and your business. I’m guessing you caught on to the importance of creating an experience out of your book where the reader wants to continue that experience by becoming your client.

Plus I assume you want your book to become a best seller like my past clients.

Most people who try to do it on their own do the best they can, but miss out on the storytelling, structure and strategies that they just plain don’t know how to put inside their book. 

To work with me privately, I charge $30,000 but I know that may be out of the budget for many. That’s why I wanted to make it possible to get your book out in a program like Easy Writer for much less (1/6 of my private clients) at $4997 or $997 x 6.

Think about how much money you’re leaving on the table without your book out right now. If it’s 3 clients x $3000 per month, thats $108,000 per year you’re missing out on.

Think about the impact you’re missing out on — stages and book signings, the people all around the world who need to hear your story and are waiting for you to show up in their life with your book, not to mention the clients that you could be getting faster and easier through your best seller.

When you think about it that way, $997 x 6 is a small investment to get to your next level with more credibility, authority and expert status … which leads to way more freedom in your business and life!

If you’re a high achieving self-starter who can follow a simple plan,
Easy Writer is just the thing to get your book written RIGHT
and launched to best seller, guaranteed.

6 Payments of $997


SAVE with the full pay option $4997

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s best for any entrepreneur, coach, speaker, or small business owner who knows they want to impact the world, help others through their story, boost their authority and make a bigger impact. It’s for those who know that they want to leave a meaningful legacy and leverage their book to open the doors of opportunity to grow their business and get more clients, faster and easier. 

The program is set up to be a 12 week program, with 12 modules. It is self-guided so you can do it at your own pace, however, my most successful clients have launched their book to best seller in this 12 week timeline.

Well, only you can answer that and the answer is within your commitment. None of my past clients had a bunch of time fall in their laps.  They were moms, dads, spouses, some were still in corporate trying to start a business on the side, and some were taking care of elderly parents. But the one thing that set them apart was that they had a no excuses policy.

The program is for entrepreneurs who want to leverage their stories to create more growth and income.  That said the launch to best seller is the same and I’ve helped a fiction author become a best seller using this method.

If you’re willing to ask the question, you’ll get the help you need. So I encourage all Easy Writer participants to ask a lot of questions!

NOPE! There are step-by-step videos throughout the modules and when you get to the part that you need to upload your book to Amazon, you can watch the video side-by-side with your Amazon account to make sure you’re doing all the steps.

Editing is not included and Vickie has amazing editors she recommends who have been trained in her storytelling formula.

When I first started out, my lawyer cringed when I said I was going to guarantee the process but it has worked out! Every single person who has finished Easy Writer and used my process has become a best selling author …. and within 24 hours of their book launch.

You have lifetime access to the modules so if you decide to write another book, you can come back and revisit them. 

Don’t still be “just thinking” about your book in a year.

Don’t look back in a year and wish you would’ve taken me up on this because we already know how it feels to not have your book done.
I’ve heard that sad story all-too-many-times.
And regrets suck the life out of you.

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