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BONUS Pre Attract-a-thon Interviews

(released September 10 and 11)

Keeping Your List Engaged and Excited to Open Your Emails

Chris Davis
Director of Education
FREEBIE: Learning How Contact Management Systems Work

How to Get Featured on

Liz Webber
Insights Editor

Creating Your Own Opportunities through Networking

Dr. ZaLonya Allen
CEO and President of National Entrepreneurs Association and Southeast Michigan Entrepreneurs Association

How to Grow Engaged Followers on Social Media

Lori Turner
Social Media Manager
Lisa Nichols/Motivating the Masses
and formerly for John Assaraf and Pandora

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YOUR HOST: Vickie Gould, Law of Attraction Business and Book Coach, The Words Lady™️
How to leverage your story to attract more clients and income
FREEBIE: Get My Best Seller Hit Publish! + Course for FREE (code ATTRACT)

Christy Whitman, Celebrity Coach & Abundance Expert
7 Essential Laws for a Thriving, Joyful and Prosperous Relationship with Work and Money
FREEBIE:  the Quantum Success Book

Vanessa Talbot, Profile Builder & Coach Mentor
The Little Known Essentials for Building a Tribe of Dedicated Followers
FREEBIE: Get Known for Your Brilliance Zone

Amy Westbrook, The Money Mojo Coach
3 Areas to Focus on so that You Can Make and Keep More Money
FREEBIE: Money MOJO Formula Journal

Karen Donaldson, Communication Body Confidence and Speaker Coach
How to Add Speaking to Your Business Model, Get Paid and Impact More People
FREEBIE: Endless Speaking Gigs Cheatsheet

Kathy Haan, International Success and Business Mentor
Using Retreats and Live Events to Scale and Grow Your Business
FREEBIE: 13 Steps to Hosting Your First Intensive

Elizabeth DeMoraes, Success and Personal Branding Strategist for Rising Stars
Unleash Your Inner Celebrity with Video
FREEBIE: Ultimate Facebook Lives Guide

Alain Torres, Celebrity and Mega Entrepreneur Whisperer
How to Stop Avoiding Big Life Decisions and Confidently Take Your Next Steps
FREEBIE: Alain's 3 Step Formula

Hanna Fitz, International Brand Strategist and Business Coach
How to Create Your Powerhouse Brand Presence
FREEBIE: Inside Strategies of Million Dollar Brands

Lisa Nichols, 6-time Best Selling Author and World-Renowned Motivational Speaker
How to Attract Your Tribe and Sell Out Your Programs

Kamila Gornia, Business and Marketing Strategist for Passion-Driven Coaches and Experts
Personality-Driven Value-Based Marketing to Blow up and Scale Up
FREEBIE: How to Skyrocket Your Visibility ...

Lori Granito, Millionaire Success Coach

3 Steps to Creating Your Million Dollar Business and Landing Your Tedx Talk
FREEBIE:  Tedx Bundle: How to Land Your First Tedx Book and List of Tedx Events

Tyler Watson, Business Relationship Coach

5 Key Relationships to Master In Order to Attract and Enroll Clients Consistently
FREEBIE: Overcoming Objections Kit

Kristi Dosh, Publisist

How to Grab the Attention of Media and Land Features
FREEBIE: How to Land Podcasts Like a Pro for Publicity

Shaneil Stewart, Visibility Strategist and Success Coach

Reinventing Yourself In Business For More Success, Influence & Money
QUIZ:  What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

Robin Smith, Instagram Success Guru

5 Ways To Build Your Instagram Following With Your Ideal Audience
FREEBIE: 6 Day Instagram Bootcamp

Minnie Von, Speaker and Presentation Coach (Tedx)
How To Stand Out and Nail Your High Stakes Talks First Time without Dying Your Hair Blue
FREEBIE: 10 Signs You're Ready for the Tedx Stage

Gabriella Ribeiro, Serial Entrepreneur

Just Do It - The Art of Not Overthinking When Launching a Successful Business
FREEBIE: MOMentous - Course for Moms to Leap into Entrepreneurship

Darieth Chisolm, TV Host, Author, Speaker, Multi Media Coach, Activist & Filmmaker

It's Your Time to Hustle
FREEBIE: 7 Steps to a Successful Side Hustle