Some Best Seller Celebrations

BuyanaaBuyantogtokh Sukhbaatar

International Nutritionist and Transformational Coach for Busy Moms

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#1 and #2 Best Sellers on January 9, 2017

BethanyBethany Perry

Success and Relationship Coach

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#2 Best Seller on December 18, 2016

BakytgulBakytgul Makhmet

Business Coach for Ambitious Mamas

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#2 Best Seller on November 8, 2016


Karen Donaldson

Personal Growth Strategist Certified Confidence Coach
Executive Public Speaking Coach
International Speaker

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International #1 Best Seller for her both books on August 8, 2016

Lynn HudorovichLynn Hudorovich

Empowerment and Confidence coach for Introverted Empaths

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#1 Best Seller on July 24, 2016

1Vickie Gould

Story Marketing Queen
Book Writing Guru
Certified Coach and Law of Attraction Pracitioner

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Multi #1 Best Seller on July 24, 2016 for 2 books 

#1 and #3 International Best Seller on February 21, 2017

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