Best Seller Case Study: Jen Sugermeyer

In this best seller case study, Jen Sugermeyer shares her journey to becoming a number one best selling author. We talk about some of her breakthrough moments to finding that sizzle she put inside her book and sharing some very vulnerable stories from her life.

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Questions Inside this Interview

Table of Contents

  • Why was this book so important to you?
  • How has your business changed since writing your book?
  • What is your advice for people who are scared to share their full story?
  • Did you share your stories with your friend and family before it came out?
  • Can you give us a sneak peak on the next book you’re already writing?
  • Why she was able to get her book done while other people have struggled to finish?
  • Where there times where you had stumbling blocks?
  • How was it on best seller day?
  • What do you see now for the future?

Highlights from this Interview

  • How her eating disorder that started at age 12 led her into a double life
  • What happened when she looked in the mirror and realized that she didn’t recognize the woman staring back at her
  • The day of the interview was her two year sobriety anniversary ❤️
  • One of the most pivotal moments of writing the book and the trademark that came out of it
  • Sharing your story helps you to gain more power, including being in jail or being hospitalized
  • It’s important to understand your own voice as a writer
  • Launching a book is like watching your child being born.
  • If you’re thinking about writing your book, just do it!


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