Business Support: Why Every Entrepreneur Needs Besties

I just got back from a trip to New Orleans where I emcee’d and spoke at one of my business besties’ live event. As I introduced her, I shared how we met and how important she is in my life. Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs for sure and trying to do it alone is a rough solo ride — you need business support! I’m so glad I have my group of besties to lean on.

I connected with most of my business besties through common programs we had signed up for and then met in person at those programs’ live events. 


Benefits of Having business besties.


This is what I love so much about my besties:

Celebrate with Me

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There’s no jealousy or competition, just pure love and support. Most entrepreneurs seem a little bit crazy to other people. And it seems that family rarely understands. Having someone there to tell you that you’re doing great (when you feel like you’re failing) and to celebrate your victories, whether big or small helps keep you going. 

I’ve personally been working on celebrating my successes more. I think we have a tendency to downplay the things that we do.  And in entrepreneurship it’s so easy to gloss over accomplishments. When I hit a goal or learn something new, my besties remind me that it’s cause for celebration. 

Tell Me the Truth4 reasons why you need supportive business friends.

I don’t need anyone to just agree with me to spare my feelings. I want friends who will tell me the truth. We bounce ideas off each other, give suggestions and keep each other accountable to our commitments. Just give it to me straight!

I remember calling one of my besties one day wanting to create yet another product for my business. She reminded me that I didn’t need another product, I just needed to commit to the product I had. In essence, she told me no. Thank you for that!

Sometimes it’s easy to go into a spiral of, “I can’t,” or “I don’t think _____ will work because ….” There are times that I come up with 50 bizillion “what if” scenarios swirling around as doubts in my head. It’s those times that my besties say, “JUST STOP IT!” We all need a good smack sometimes when we’re having negative head talk, don’t we? True besties will do that for you and then we get a good laugh afterwards.

Have My Back

From time to time, as entrepreneurs, we meet up with a hater. It’s only a slight consolation to hear that haters are jealous or have their own issues. But when you hear your business bestie stick up for you, it feels so good.

Not only that, but they have my back about my business success. They truly want what’s good for me. They want to see me happy. And when things fall apart or get hard, we help each other immediately. It’s a two way street, no strings attached. For example, my friend who put on the event in New Orleans was so tired afterwards, that she couldn’t put her socks on so I did it for her. How many friends do you have who you could ask to put your socks on?

It’s Not All About Business

You know that your business bestie is more than just a business bestie when you can share the other parts of your life. My besties know about my husband and my kids, and they know my favorite color and foods. They remember silly facts about me and my little quirks and preferences. Since they’re all around the world – like Canada, Italy and Hong Kong, we talk privately via social media for the most part but when we happen to be traveling to close by cities, we get together in person. 

Any time I have a need, I reach for one of my business besties and it’s so good to know they’re right there.



Do you have business support in a few besties?  How did you meet? Comment below!


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