The Best Airbnb Room in Brooklyn

I got the BEST Airbnb Room in Brooklyn and it was a complete surprise.  While I LOVE AIRBNB, I don’t usually love the idea of just a room.  As an introvert, I like having the whole place to myself. I get my own space, conveniently located and I don’t pay the high price tag of a hotel (though I do say, I would prefer someone deliver my bags to my room).

BUT …..

I tried booking just a room once in San Diego through airbnb and the place had ants and other renters.  They decided to cook and talk at 10 pm at night when I wanted to sleep. Because the ants were crawling up my bed, I ended up leaving the place that first night. In the end, I got a refund but my experience was soured.

After that ant infestation fiasco, I vowed I would always rent an entire place.


I had an event at the Brooklyn Law School in the heart of the city. For the $350 price tag of the hotel rooms around town and a 5 day stay, I could buy a pair of Valentino shoes that I could keep forever, so I opted to try my luck again at booking just a room through airbnb.

I’m so glad I did.

I swear I got the best Airbnb Room in Brooklyn!

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Now, there were 2 long flights of stairs to Pam’s place, and I was forewarned but my big bonus was Pam herself. She had an artist loft (she makes awesome steampunk jewelry) and she had previously been in the hospitality industry which meant she knew how to treat guests like special guests.

The room was really nice – bigger than I expected with a luggage rack, window air con that overlooked the street, mini fridge, hotpot with teas and britta water filter pitcher. We shared a cute bathroom with plenty of space, a shelf for my things and a claw foot tub. The street was pretty busy, but I was prepared with some reusable earplugs from Amazon that my daughter had bought me for my birthday.

I got my breakfast delivered to my door every morning and it wasn’t just a slice of toast — it was pretty (oatmeal pictured here)!  The one day I was running late, she even packed it to go.

My friends at the conference I was attending were JELLY!  They thought I got the best Airbnb room in Brooklyn too after I shared my perks.


Not only that, but Pam also told me some of the best places to shop. I went to some upscale resale shops, outlet stores like F21 Red and Dr Jay’s where I found this cute $10 jean jumper (paired with Marc Fischer boots).

best airbnb brooklyn dr jay's

I also found out about a department store called Century 21 – there were 2 locations.  One by the World Trade Center where I found some awesome Gucci boots

and another location close to where I was staying in Fulton Mall which was really not a mall, but a group of stores down that road.  I bought a Givenchy bracelet for just $20 at the second location.

Eating Closeby

I ate at Bareburger where they had burgers wrapped in swiss chard! YUM!

and bought my boys pastries to bring home from Paris Baguette.

and of course I got my snacks at Trader Joe’s which was less than a block away.

Pam and I decided by the end of my time there that had we lived in the same city, we would be friends and I was sad to leave her place with all the fun.  I mean, who wouldn’t love to have breakfast delivered daily forever?

I hadn’t been in NY for about 25 years prior to this trip, but I’m looking forward to going back to Brooklyn again so I can stay with Pam. Can you believe that you can book Pam’s place for as low as $88/night plus fees depending on the time of year?

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