How to Write a Best Selling Book | Tips and Strategies

If you’ve been struggling to get your (non-fiction) book out of your head and onto paper, you’re not alone. Here, I’m going to share tips on how you too can write a best selling book. I’ll explain how to write your best selling book, what to put in it, and how to structure it so that you can be successful.

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Transcript follows for how to write a best selling book.

If you’ve been struggling to get your book out of your head and onto paper, you are not alone. And great news! I’m going to share tips to start your book, what to put in it, and how to structure it today.

I’m Vickie Gould with #easywriter tips to help you write your book and grow your biz. Today I’m going to share how you can write your best-selling book. I’m gonna give you tips to start, what to put in it, and how to structure it. So now let’s talk about the tips to start it right so you won’t have to rewrite it after you think you’ve finished.

How to Write a Best Selling Book

Clarify Your Book’s Why

So first of all, you need to get clear on your why for writing the book. What do you want the book to do for you? What do you want it to do for your business? And better yet what do you want for the reader by the time they’re done reading it?

Know Your Reader

Number two, know your reader. Know them intimately what is it that they are 

struggling with what are they crying to their friends over coffee? What is it that is keeping them up at night? How can you help them with it? And how is your help a little different from ot

her people who do similar things to you?

Align Your Topic with Business Programs 

Thirdly, how do you pick that perfect killer topic. Now, I talked about this just briefly about the getting clear part and that’s because once you are clear you can pick your topic. Right you need to be able to say to yourself and say to your reader by the time you’re done reading it this is what’s going to happen, this is what will change in your life, these are the benefits you’ll get out of it. And hint, this is what you’re going to put in the description or the back cover of your book as well.

When you know exactly how that topic is going to connect to your other programs and packages or services or products then you’ll be able to monetize your book past the royalties. I recently did a video on how to pick your killer topic and structure your book, so make sure that you go ahead and watch that as well.

What to Put in Your Best Seller

Your Story

Alright, next let’s figure out what to put in this book. Firstly your story maybe it’s more like stories so there’s gonna be your main story — your why story. Why do you do what you do what happened in your life that you became what you are now and what is it that you figured out that you can help somebody with now right so that’s gonna be your main why story this is gonna be the thing that people read and go “Oh, that’s why he or she is a credible expert. This is why I would love to read the book because this person has been where I have been or where I am right now.”

Then you’re gonna have some minor stories as well so you’re gonna have some teaching place that you’re putting in this book that you’re writing for your business. You’re gonna illustrate some of those teachings with little mini minor stories.


Your Step-by-Step Process 

Secondly, what are you teaching them you might have a process a five, seven, or ten step process you might have certain things that they need to be doing right. These are each of the chapters in your book here’s a protip put your juiciest chapter in first because that’s gonna hook the reader and then they’re gonna be like oh my gosh I need more juicy details I need more golden nuggets so they’re gonna keep scouring the rest of your book to get more now unless you have a step-by-step process that has to go in a certain like order. Otherwise, put that juiciest chapter first.

Seeding to Your Related Products

Third what else do you got to put in it this is the biggest thing that amateur first-time writers forget to put in their book and it’s called seeding it might not be a word that you’re familiar with but in marketing it is about showing people that you have other things other products other packages other services, that the book is not everything that you’re all about your book is not a brain dump. You’re not gonna put every last idea and thought into your book you’re gonna seed it so that that person can get deeper and expanded knowledge by working with you in a group program one on one buying an online course or something like that.

I just told you that the best way to monetize your book all right now if you want some pro hacks to write your book even faster you got to check out my free cheat sheet called 5 secret strategies to write your book quickly and it’s on my website.

Structuring Your Best Seller

Put Your Best Chapter First

Lastly, you might be wondering now how you structure this whole thing now I kinda already said the first thing. Number one you structure it by putting your best chapter first. Or, if you have a certain order. Now I also did a blog post about the order of the contents of your book they call it the book matter and I share each of the different things that you put in it and what order like from the intro and the preface and all that.

Chunk Out Your Book

Now you might be wondering next how do I structure the rest of it? You need to, number two, outline your book chunk out your book based on your topic and then what you want the reader to get out of it like I keep going back to what is it that you want the reader to get out of it what do you want the reader to walk away with because if you don’t have something to aim towards you’re gonna get lost in the process right.

Why It’s so Hard to Start and Finish Your Book Sometimes

This is also one of the reasons why people have such a hard time starting and finishing their book because there is nothing to aim for. So, you have the bigger thing you want to aim for right what do you want them to get out of it by the time they’re done reading it in between there’s many steps to get to that outcome and those many steps are your chapters. You’re gonna chunk out your book based on how are they gonna get there. That’s your outline.

Maybe you have ten chapters and you’re going to chunk those out and have them sub-topics within those chapters so that they walk away with each of those interim steps. Makes sense, right? So that at the end for sure the reader is going to get what you want them to get out of the book when they’re done reading.

Okay so third thing, structure your chapters break them down into those three to five subtopics that I was just talking about that will have a distinct outcome. What do you want them to learn one-by-one step-by-step.


Let’s go over this again: what are you going to do to start it.

To Start

One: Get clear on your why for writing the book.

Two: Know your reader.

Three: Pick your topic and align it to your business programs.

What to Put Inside

Now, what do you put in it?

One: Your story and other stories.

Two: What you’re teaching them your process, your step-by-step.

Three: Your seeding. This is so important. Do not skip it. And if you don’t know how to do it: learn. You can learn in my easy writer program.

Structuring Your Book

Lastly, how do you structure the book

One: put your best chapter first or if you have a certain order that has to go right

Two: outline your book into those steps and processes

Three: structure your chapters by breaking them down into three to five subtopics that have a distinct outcome at the end of each chapter.

Now here’s the thing, the last thing I want to leave you with when you’re writing a nonfiction book for your business do not make it like a master’s thesis that is boring. It’s a snorefest I’m sorry (actually, I’m not sorry) but make sure that you are layering in your stories and layering in your teaching together. Because this is what makes it interesting and meaningful to somebody okay.

Next steps?

So, now you know how to start your book what to put in it how to structure your book but you might be wondering how long it’s gonna take you to do all this and if there might be a few little shortcuts that I have. And in fact, I’m glad you asked because there are. So, I created a cheat sheet called five secret strategies to write your book quickly and I mentioned it before you can download the cheat sheet for free by clicking the link below this video or going to

I would love now to hear what your thoughts are about writing your book. Leave your comments below and make sure that you download that cheat sheet and also if you want to join me and thousands of other entrepreneurs from all over the world who are writing books and growing their business in the write your biz book Facebook group. We constantly share with each other I do live, free trainings and challenges regularly on how to write your book, market it, and create content that your audience is going to fall all over loving you for so link for that is below as well.

If this video was helpful to you be sure to subscribe share with your friends and hit the like button so I know to make more videos like this and remember the most transformational book you read is the one that you write. See you in the next video.

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Vickie Gould is a book coach, content marketing strategist, best selling author, and speaker. She believes that everyone has a story to share and a journey orchestrated for their positive growth — and that those experiences should be written in a best selling book.

Vickie helps entrepreneurs to share their stories, self-publish and leverage their own business books, grow their following, create more impact and turn readers into clients through her Easy Writer Program, one-on-one coaching and her free Facebook Group, Write Your Biz Book.

She has written 10 best sellers such as Easy Writer (named after her signature program) and Standing in the Gap, and helped nearly 100 others to become best selling authors as well.    

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