The Book Writing Circle – Why It Doesn’t Work

You want to write a book for your business, but you’re not sure if it will sound good or makes sense. So you hear about this book writing circle thing and think, “That’s the ticket!” Problem is, there are a major issues with a book writing circle.

So what is a book writing circle anyway? It’s a group of people who want feedback and accountability for their books. The idea is that each person will read everyone else’s book and share their thoughts.

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1. Everyone is Committed to Their Own Book, Not Yours

You can’t depend on other first-time writers to help you as if they’re a professional. They’ve probably joined the book writing circle for the same reason you did.  They want accountability, feedback and a community for support. But bottom line is, they’re in it for themselves. They will likely spend their time writing their own book and skimming yours.

It’s a recipe for feedback like, “I liked it!” or “Great chapter!” which is not very useful.

2. You Don’t Have Your Ideal Reader in Your Group

Think about it — in a random group of writers, will your ideal reader be part of it?

When getting feedback or suggestions, I have a good friend who always says, “Consider the source.”  If the source isn’t credible, then their opinion probably won’t matter. How will a writing circle help you know if you’re sharing meaningful content with your ideal reader or not? And if they’re not interested in your topic it will be hard to get helpful suggestions.

3. You Are Thinly Spreading Your Time

The top reason people say they are unable to finish their book is time. By joining a book writing circle, you’re commiting a lot of time to multiple people’s books. Did you think about that? Why would you spend time reading a whole group of people’s books? It may mean writing your own book will take three or even 10 times as long as you intend.

I know people who are in book circles who are still in them over a year later, trying to finish their book. If you’re think you’re saving time or money, you aren’t. In fact, getting non-professional advice is costly. Taking longer to write your book means you’re missing out on getting your message out sooner. And if it’s a business book, there’s a huge lost opportunity cost because you’re not able to turn readers into clients or grow your following and list.


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Vickie Gould is a book coach, content marketing strategist, best selling author, and speaker. She believes that everyone has a story to share and a journey orchestrated for their positive growth — and that those experiences should be written in a best selling book.

Vickie helps entrepreneurs to write, self-publish and leverage their own business books to share those stories, grow their following, create more impact and turn readers into clients through her Easy Writer Program, one-on-one coaching and her free Facebook Group, Write Your Biz Book.

She has written 10 best sellers such as Easy Writer (named after her signature program) and Standing in the Gap, and helped nearly 100 others to become best selling authors as well. Get her cheatsheet called 5 Secret Strategies to Write Your Book Quickly at:

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