What Writing a Book Will Do for Your Business

When people share with me why they want to write their book, it’s usually to help and inspire people. Their story needs to be heard and they know it. But they’re afraid of the judgment or don’t know how to write it. Often the book becomes a “want to” project that easily gets pushed off because, “I don’t have the time.”

I know the feeling. Sometimes it’s easier to stay in my comfort zone rather than risk failing. A lot of times we don’t take action on our “want to” project because we don’t feel the pain of what we’re missing. It could be that you don’t realize what writing a book will do for your business. Then it stays on that list of things to do for a long time.

What Writing a Book Will Do for Your Business

One big reason you should write your book is that there’s urgency in other people’s lives. It’s about them, not you. This is also how to get over the fear of judgement. For my clients, I have them close their eyes and visualize those people who are struggling. See what that visual looks like of people looking for your specific help, unable to get it. They are sometimes moved to tears.

But it’s not just other people’s lives you’ll change. You’ll change your own too. I’m sharing a few benefits below that you’ll experience once you get that book out.



You are immediately considered an expert. Your authority status jumps a few notches. My clients tell me that when they first mention that they’ve become published authors (and best sellers even), they are looked at differently. They say it feels empowering and their confidence increases.

A Strategy to Get Clients with Ease

Having a book that’s aligned with your business and seeded with the proper marketing inside it can help you turn readers into clients. Implemented properly, your book upsells the reader into your main program or product. It helps you to stop chasing clients and have them flow to you easily with the proper strategy.

Reach and Impact

What writing a book will do for your business most importantly is to help you share your story all around the world. You can exponentially grow your reach, thereby increasing your impact. The more people who know about you and what you do, the more people’s lives that you can change. This is the main reason I am so passionate about helping people to write best selling books. We get to make waves of positive change, using our past stories, becoming the wounded healers and changemakers of the world.

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Vickie Gould is a Law of Attraction business and book coach, best selling author, and speaker. She believes that everyone has a story to share and a journey orchestrated for their positive growth — and that those experiences should be written in a best selling book.

Vickie helps entrepreneurs to write, self-publish and leverage their own business books to share those stories, grow their following, create more impact and turn readers into clients through her Easy Writer Program, one-on-one coaching and her free Facebook Group, Write Your Biz Book.

She has written 10 best sellers such as Easy Writer (named after her signature program) and Standing in the Gap, and helped nearly 100 others to become best selling authors as well. Get in on the FREE 3 Day Challenge: From Writer’s Block to Best Seller at bit.ly/tobestsellerchallenge



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