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Ever thought, “Why self-publish?” If you’ve been thinking that getting a publisher for your book is the way to go, you may change your mind by the time I’m done with this video. I’m going to share the truth about the ease and quickness of self-publishing, royalties and your creative rights, plus some common misconceptions about the publishing industry.

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So you think you might want to get a publisher for your book? You’re gonna change your mind after I tell you the real scoop. I’m Vickie Gould with #easywriter tips to help you write your book and grow your business.

Today I’m going to share why you should self publish your book and I’m also going to bust some misconceptions about traditional and independent publishers.

Why Self-Publish: The Ease of Self-Publishing

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So, first of all, let’s talk about the ease of self-publishing. So some people think that they have to know a lot of tech, that it looks really scary, that Amazon is really daunting, and they’re not going to be able to get their book published if they do it themselves. It could be part of the reason why a lot of people have their books sitting on their computers and not out into the world yet. but here’s the thing if you can attach a document to an email that you’re sending you can self publish.

If you look at Amazon on their KDP platform there are just three little tabs that you have to fill out with your information, description, keywords, categories, things like that the pricing, and you upload your word doc for your book and boom it is all there. Like it really is literally that easy.

Why Self-Publish: The Speed of Self-Publishing

Number two: the quickness of self-publishing. I’ve had some friends who like I met after I became a book coach and they told me that they’ve had to wait over a year to get their book out into the public. Now, here’s the thing, if you are using your book for your business as a marketing tool to get more followers, to create more reach, to convert readers into clients can you really wait over a year to actually use the tool that you want to use? So, being able to self publish is the best way to get it out quickly.

The last book that I had out, my tenth best selling book, I wrote that book in four days, I launched it within a week. Now I don’t recommend that for most people because I already had a following, I already had all the marketing that was set up in place from prior books, so I was able to launch and get it to bestseller in that short timeframe. But I don’t recommend it for most people but the point of the story is I was able to publish it that quickly because I self-published.

Why Self-Publish: Royalties in Self-Publishing

Number three: royalties. Alright, I’m not even gonna say this delicately. Royalties suck. When you launch your book, and let’s say you do a promo on your ebook, and it’s 99 cents. You get thirty-five cents back. And don’t forget you’re gonna get taxed on it so it’s not really worth the royalties.

Okay, so let’s say that you actually do get five or seven dollars on your book, your ebook, your print book, whichever one or both. Even then, most of us know that you’re gonna spend as much time and effort into promoting something that’s ten dollars as you will promote something that’s five hundred thousand, ten thousand dollars so I personally would prefer to promote that upsell from my book, right?

Because if you watched my other videos about picking topics and such we know that you’re picking a topic that’s going to align with your business products to create a client for your products. You’re going to turn your reader into a client and the upsell to a five hundred dollar package or a ten thousand dollar package is way way way WAY easier and more beneficial to your business than chasing down thirty-five cents or five dollars in royalties for your book.

Why Self-Publish: Retain All Creative Rights in Self-Publishing


Number four: you retain creative rights when you self publish. Now that doesn’t mean to go and do your own cover and have it look dorky that means that you get to pick how you have your book look what you say inside your book and how you say it nobody’s going to

be telling you “take this out,” “add this in,” “do this differently,” “I don’t like blue,” “you need to have your book red.” None of that. You get to retain all the creative rights in addition to you keep the copyright and that can change from publisher to publisher like who owns the copyright to your book, who owns the manuscript of your book. When you self-publish, there’s no question. You own everything.



So now let’s talk about the misconceptions people have sometimes about publishers. Now this may be you, it may not, but let’s talk about it. A lot of people feel that if they get a publisher they’re going to do everything for you after you give them the manuscript and that they’re going to obviously publish it, but that they’re going to market and sell the books for you so you can just you know kick up your feet and not worry about anything and not have to promote your own book. The thing is, why would you not want to promote your own book? Why would you not want to be in charge of marketing? Wouldn’t you be the best person to talk about your book?

Aside from that, publishers these days, when you write them a pitch letter, or your literary agent, (you know some of them won’t talk to you personally – you have to have a literary agent) but they’re gonna ask this: “How many followers do you have?”; “What’s your social media like?”; “How many books do you think you’re gonna sell?” because they’re in the business of sellin

g books also because they’re taking a part of your royalties and I would want to share those. You are smart enough, bright enough, capable enough to do it yourself.

The Tech Shouldn’t Scare You Away

There are people in my Easy Writer program who thought that “You know, there’s no way. I’m not good at tech. I don’t like computers,” they wouldn’t be able to do it. But all they do is open up my video that is step by step, get it to a certain point, pause it, put it into Amazon KDP, do that one section, go back, unpause it, watch it, do the section and they get it done. In like 30 minutes to an hour, you will be done uploading your book so that you can hit publish.


How to Complete Your Unfinished Book

So now you know why self-publishing makes so much sense but you might be wondering if you’re not finished with your book yet: How do you finish it up? How do you get it out of your head? How can I do this faster? So, I created what I call my five secret strategies to write your book quickly cheat sheet. And you can download the cheat sheet for free by clicking the link below in the description or by going to bit.ly/fivesecretstrategies.


I would love to know now what your thoughts are about getting a publisher and about self-publishing yourself. So, leave your comments below and make sure to go ahead and download that free cheat sheet.

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