How to Write a Meaningful Book

So you want to write a book for your business but you’re not sure how to make it meaningful. You know that having a book will help your business but this pressure to make it “just right” is holding you back.

Let me start by sharing what an unwritten book is costing your business:

  1. Expanded audience — worldwide reach
  2. Increased authority and expert status (plus confidence)
  3. Speaking gigs, including potential Tedx Talks
  4. Clients who want to work with you after they’ve read your book
  5. A simplified, streamlined way of growing your prospect list
  6. Added income with the ease of converting clients (I’m not talking royalty profits here)
  7. Media features in blogs, podcasts, magazines and even TV
  8. And more!

Your book is your gateway to opportunities and business growth and you don’t want to keep missing out on the above. So I’m going to share four pro tips on how you can make your book more meaningful.

4 tips to make your book more meaningful. How to write a meaningful book.

1. Put Yourself in Your Chapters

Table of Contents

Keep in mind that your book is not a Master’s thesis paper. In fact, it’s nothing like how you wrote papers in school for English class. So you can let yourself off the hook if you weren’t the top grammarian or if you struggled in class. People enjoy books that are easy to read — that means conversational.

Write it like you’d talk to your best friend over coffee (and edit it later). That means you’re sharing your stories just like you would in that same conversation. And remember, this is your BEST friend, you’d tell them anything and everything. Yup, you’re going to lay it all out there for the world to hear.  While this might seem scary, this is the fastest path to the know-like-and-trust factor that will eventually grow your following, make them loyal to you, get you referrals and ultimately lead to consistent sales.

We spend quite some time in my Easy Writer program on the chapters since it’s the meat of the book, but the main thing is to know what you want the reader to walk away with at the end of each chapter and the entire book. Then you’ll know what to write about. Layer your stories in with the content you want to teach and put the juiciest chapter first. That way, you’ll have a book that’s a meaningful page turner.

2. Let them See and Experience the Real YouBe more transparent in your writing. How to write a meaningful book.

As a continuation to the above conversation with your best friend, open up to the real you. No one wants to read about someone who is perfect and has it all together. It makes what they’ve accomplished seem impossible to achieve. Share your biggest struggles. Give them insights into your thoughts. Allow them to see how you overcame your issues. This is, after all, what they will later want to come to you for personalized help with, right?


3. Make Sure They Walk Away with Something New

Most of us in business sell somewhat of a commodity. There is likely someone else doing what you do or selling what you sell.  Make their experience with you different. Give them a fresh perspective. Whether that’s purely through your personality, story, or your take on a topic, make what you say stand out.  If it’s an improvement to an old product or process, give them a new twist to it. When they’re done with your book, they should have some aha moments and golden nuggets that changes their life.

Now don’t go off thinking it has to be earth shattering stuff. Small moves in the right direction or little changes in their thought patterns can do a lot for a person’s life.

4. Share Access to Your Other Products, Programs or Services

Your book should not be the only thing you sell. The path to profits from your book is not in royalties, but in upselling your reader. If you want to learn more about that, I did a Free 3 Day Book Profit Challenge where you can watch the replays.

Seeding is the most important part of your book. How to write a meaningful book.

Most people are scared to be salesy because it makes them feel pushy or slimy. Usually it’s because we’ve had a negative experience with a bad salesman in the past. I think having a book makes selling easier because your reader has gotten to know you very well, if you’ve written it correctly. But you might be wondering how selling them into your products, programs or services makes your book more meaningful.

See, your book is only part of your prospect’s journey. The deepest, most meaningful way you can help your reader is to help deepen their experience with you and expand their knowledge from your book. This also means that your book is not a brain dump! There is no way that you can give them everything in a book anyway.

Some people will read your book and say, “Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed,” and just continue on with their life. Others will say they need more. If you do not make them aware of the ability to work with you, they will go looking for someone similar to you instead. OUCH. All that work to write a meaningful book and they go work with someone else? This sharing of your products, programs or services is technically called seeding and it’s the most important marketing component of your book.

If self-publishing seems like the next worry, I’ve got you covered in my Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing article exactly about that.

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Vickie Gould is a book coach, content marketing strategist, best selling author, and speaker. She believes that everyone has a story to share and a journey orchestrated for their positive growth — and that those experiences should be written in a best selling book.

Vickie helps entrepreneurs to write, self-publish and leverage their own business books to share those stories, grow their following, create more impact and turn readers into clients through her Easy Writer Program, one-on-one coaching and her free Facebook Group, Write Your Biz Book.

She has written 10 best sellers such as Easy Writer (named after her signature program) and Standing in the Gap, and helped nearly 100 others to become best selling authors as well. Get her cheatsheet called 5 Secret Strategies to Write Your Book Quickly at:

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