10 Lisa Nichols Quotes You Can Take to the Bank

November of 2017, I signed up for coaching with Lisa Nichols through her Global Leaders Program. Each quarter we meet to learn how to scale, grow, and serve in bigger and better ways. I realize many wish they could get coached this closely by such a powerhouse so I wanted to share some gems I took away during our latest session.

Here’s one thing I’ll say about Lisa — she is the same warm person face to face as she is on stage. She truly serves from the heart and is so grateful for everyone in her community. She oozes love all the time, even being on the road for 90+ days straight. I sit on the edge of my seat when she opens her mouth and imparts her wisdom to us. I’m so excited that I get to share now with you.

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10 Lisa Nichols Quotes That Will Help You Grow Your Business with Integrity

Table of Contents

    • Your business will never grow past your personal development.
    • You are the answer to the challenges you’re facing.
    • You’ll sell more when you stop worrying about where their money is coming from.
    • The distance between you and everything you want is two things: your language and your action.
    • People think differently when they’re being inspired.
    • What’s not planned for doesn’t happen.
    • What doesn’t have attention doesn’t grow (energy grows where energy goes).
    • If it has enough importance in your life, it needs a plan.
  • Make your offer every day!

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