5 Elements of a Winning Entrepreneurial Mindset

We’ve all got those dreaded “things” we need to work on inside our heads. They’re those things that seem to hold us back from charging our worth, feeling like we’re enough and unapologetically announcing to the world who we are. It keeps us from attracting clients who easily say, “Yes!” and it keeps us from making the kind of money we want to impact the world and live freely in our daily lives.

So how can you create a mindset that makes you indestructible? Here are 5 Elements to a Winning Mindset:

1. Do not deny your intuition a role in your life.

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Your intuition serves you more than you know. Sometimes the best decisions are made intuitively rather than logically. How does your price feel to you? Does working with a particular client feel good to you? Does saying, “No” to a given situation feel good to you? You don’t need any more justification than that when you’re creating your life by your rules.

2. Invite The Universe in on the action

When we worry about all the how’s for getting from point A to point B, we limit the ways in which The Universe can help us out. On the other hand, when we do our part, taking inspired action, and let The Universe in on the party, we allow for chance happening, magical moments and accidental meetings. The Universe knows ALL the people in the world. Don’t you think that he can bring you all the clients you could ever wish for?

3. Be careful who you allow to talk in your ear

Letting others affect our vibe is a sure-fire way to lose momentum. I’ve been there and I’m sure you’ve been there too. Whether it’s mom, dad, sibling, friend or even foe, making sure you surround yourself with the right people really matters! Get a mastermind partner if you don’t have one and make sure you limit your exposure to naysayer and other people who don’t understand or support your vision.

4. Convince your mind with positive repetition

Your mind doesn’t know fact from fiction. So when you repeatedly tell it something, it becomes more and more ingrained. That’s why if you have an old story you want to let go of or something someone said that you don’t want to keep believing, it’s best not to repeat it out loud or inside your head. Say your mantras and manifestations, along with visualizing with feeling right before bed. Then your subconscious mind can get a hold of it and make it a reality.

5. Don’t let overwhelm be an option

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to create project after project and task after task until you’re burning the midnight oil for days on end. While taking inspired action is good, going on overdrive and overwhelm is not. When you start to feel that anxiety level increase, take a step back, take a soak in the tub, promise to get to bed early that night (or a few in a row) and let the craziness die down. Overwhelm is never an option for success.

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