5 Things ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Teaches Us About Pursuing Our Passions

“Pursuing one’s passion … how American.”

As a first-generation Taiwanese American, this is the line in Crazy Rich Asians that stuck out the most for me. I remember back to my mother’s answer when I said I wanted to get an art degree when I graduated from high school: “No.”

I was expected to do something more practical. My mother wanted me to pursue a more useful and presumably better for my future and my family. It was never about pursuing our passions.

There seemed to always be a constant battle growing up between being the “good daughter” and wanting to let the real me out. At school, I was taught to think for myself, be independent and have an opinion. While at home, I was considered unmindful of the “best path” and advice that was laid out, and it was rarely about passion. It was about monetary success and climbing the corporate ladder.

I actually did try out that advice and went to a good college, got a good corporate job and became assistant vice president at a bank at age 26. But, all the while, I wasn’t happy. It felt like something was missing. There was no fulfillment.

When I saw Crazy Rich Asians, I was excited to see Rachel play out the East-meets-West narrative. The movie teaches us much about pursuing our passions …..

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