3 Keys to Grow Your Following (Raving Fans that Turn into Eager Paying Clients)

If you want grow your following and it’s a top priority, you’re in the right place. If you want to have people eager (and even falling over themselves) to work with you, you’re in the right place. And if you’ve had any thoughts like ….

  • I don’t have anything interesting to say
  • It’s all been said before
  • I’m not that charismatic
  • I need more leads!
  • I haven’t had great response in the past, so idk what else to do.
  • Ick – I don’t like sales calls (I secretly hope they don’t show up)
  • I feel pushy on my sales calls
  • I don’t know how to overcome their objections

Then you really going to love this! And here’s the thing … I’ve had all these same thoughts and more go through my head at one time or another. You’re definitely not alone. Want a simple 3 step roadmap?

3 Steps to Creating Raving Fans Online that Turn into Eager Paying Clients

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This if for you ….

  1. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to grow your following easily and consistently
  2. If you know that you have a big impact to make in this world through what you do.
  3. AND lastly, you’re ready to have more people know about you (you know you can’t hide and have impact – those two things can’t live together)

The people who love my community say all 3 of these things. But even if you don’t say all 3 of these things, I’ll still love you!

Maybe right now you feel like growing your following has been slow or slower than you’d like. Does it feels hard? Maybe some days you want to just avoid it and not think about it. Maybe you’ve put out something you think is great content and you get crickets, you get frustrated and then you don’t try again for a long while. And when you do, you really have to give yourself a big pep talk to do it. yes?  


One big truth of business is that you always have to be growing your following. You need new people in to replace the people who drop out and you can’t have consistent sales if you don’t have consistent growth. Consistent growth is what will create the confidence for you that you WILL make money every month and make more money each subsequent month.

Let’s be on a mission to STOP THE FEAST or FAMINE cycle!  


So what do you need? Let’s get to that 3 step roadmap!

Grow Your Following – Step ONE – Leverage Stories

Your stories are the easiest way to come up with interesting content. You don’t have to have a super interesting life. Talk about every day things. Just connect it and relate it to your business. You can turn ANYTHING into a business tip, lesson, or realization.

My son just took his driver’s license test. He’s been practicing driving for about a year now. He still he takes longer to turn left than I would. I tell him that he should wait as long as he needs until he feels confident he has enough space. I would never rush him. I’ve been driving now for 32 years so I have a lot more practice in gauging the space needed to turn left. I realized while waiting for him to finish his driving test how this is so much like business. We are not confident in our skills at first but the more we do it, the more confident we get … blah blah blah… see how I connected it to business? You can do that with virtually anything.

People also love when you show the behind the scenes stuff, share your quirky personality, and then ask them to TAKE ACTION. You know, people do business with people that they LIKE. They need to know you’re a normal person just like they are. People need to FEEL like you can relate to them. They want to be CONFIDENT that you can help them and then they need to be ASSURED that they can to do it to. You grow your following this way by sharing your stories.

Now here’s the thing – Stop sounding like an ad. This drives me crazy. It’s like we want to put out content and all of the sudden sound like a stuffy insurance salesman (sorry if there’s an insurance salesman out there! No offense meant! Point is, please do yourself a favor and just share like you’re sharing with a friend over coffee, casually, conversationally. Don’t be prim and proper. Don’t act like you think you should act. Just be yourself. You do this consistently, you’ll gain momentum with followers and fans and just might surprise yourself.



Grow Your Following – Step TWO – Know Your Peeps

You have to know them so well that you know what they’re secretly crying about, what’s keeping them up at night, what drives them crazy, what their average day looks like and what their biggest fears in life are.

I know that my best selling book writing clients are secretly scared they’re not enough to write a book. They wonder if they’ll even make sense inside the book. They’re worried that their story isn’t “tragic” enough. I also know that they desperately want to make a difference in the world, have a big heart for helping others and that their book is part of their legacy. They do think about the money, but they think more about the impact.

I also know that my peeps tend to be VIPs. They opt for that at events and in programs. And they want the best. They aren’t scared to invest in themselves. They know that to grow, they have to be in action and the highest action is to give themselves the VIP experience.

What do you know about your people? Once you can speak their language, they’ll hear you calling out to them and be attracted to you like bees to honey!


Grow Your Following – Step THREE – Create Offers They Can’t Turn Down (even high ticket ones)

You’ve probably heard that you need to create urgency and limiters in your offers. Those definitely help, but no amount of bonuses will make up for a non-juicy product or service (unless your bonus is the thing they actually want but then you have it set up backwards but that’s a whole different discussion). If you know your peeps well enough, you’ll know what they need. The bonuses you give and the time limits you put on your offer helps to push them over the edge.

Too many times I see people trying to make their offers “Affordable” so that they can reach more people. Usually that’s code for “I’m scared I’m not worth it.” or “I’m not sure I can deliver the outcome.” Or “I don’t think I have enough experience.”

There’s 2 things that happen with too cheap – it’s too good to be true and people wonder what’s wrong with it. We do that when shopping for cars right? There’s got to be something wrong with it at that price! Hmmmm……

The other thing with too cheap is you start to resent needing to show up if you have a live element to your program or package and it starts to feel like a j-o-b. Besides, you can’t go too cheap or you won’t cover your operating costs and taxes you need to pay and still have something for you. 

You might be rationalizing you can sell to A LOT OF people and then you won’t resent it and you’ll make the money you want – you can only do this if you have a large enough following to make the math work. I’ve had people tell me that they do not want my downsell because they HAVE TO FIND A WAY to get my top end program. That’s because what’s inside the offer is unique, juicy and exactly what they want.

Remember that no one cares about the process first. They only want to know that you can deliver the benefits and outcomes they’re looking for. They buy with their heart and justify it with logic. Remember it’s from this place of emotion and feeling about the outcome they want that they will buy. This is also how to have the sales conversation go more smoothly.

The set up to an easy sales conversation is …. 1) leveraging your stories 2) knowing your peeps and then 3) creating an offer they can’t turn down. We dig deep and are even going to do hot seats at my event about these sales calls because it’s so critical to your success!

About my book coaching, I’ve had clients say, I was going to put off writing my book, but you’ve been in my head and I have no more excuses left so I just joined!

I’ve even gotten before a, “Take my money already!”

One client told me two things – one was that she was unsubscribing to almost everyone but keeping me and just a few others. Then she told me she was on a spending hiatus until….. I shared a juicy offer…..  

And these are the same people who talk about me behind my back…. In a VERY GOOD WAY!

We tend to complicate things or thing we don’t deserve something if it’s not complex and difficult. It doesn’t have to be. Your story sets you apart. Knowing your peeps soooo well makes it easy for you to know how to speak to them and what their top struggles are. THAT’s ATTRACTIVE. Then when you share your super juicy offer, they just can’t help themselves but to join.

You need to be able to grow your following – I know that you have a big impact to make in this world. But if no one knows about your genius and expertise, what good is that? It’s honestly not about you at this point.

You need to be employing what I shared so that you can keep up with the changing horizon of business, especially online. We all know that having raving fans is the most important relationship you can build for your business to keep growing.

What’s next? You’re Invited!

And I’m really excited to share, and hopefully you’ve already heard about my live event called Stories Sell happening Sept 9-10 here in Michigan, Ann arbor specifically.  

It’s a place for entrepreneurs to learn how to get more visibility and get more noticed online. It’s for entrepreneurs who are working towards a greater impact, deep connections with their community, creating those raving fans, being a sought after expert who doesn’t need to feel like they’re chasing down clients, really enjoying and doing work that fulfills them and gives them the lifestyle they want for their family.

We’re going to be focusing on the 3 things we discussed today. Going deep, getting very specific, doing hot seats, getting into action. So if you’re someone who wants to sit on the sidelines and watch, this is not for you. If you think you’ll come and through osmosis, become successful, this isn’t for you.

But if you’re someone who loves to get into the nitty gritty, wants to roll your sleeves up to get into what’s really going to work for your business and you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, you’ll implement what you learn (maybe even during the time you’re here in Michigan), then I can’t think of a better, more perfect place for you to be.

And if you know that this might not be the most convenient thing in your life, all the more reason to come and get away from your distractions and really focus on your business, like SELFISHLY FOCUS on what you want for yourself and your business. Besides, I never heard that success was convenient. Did you create your business because it was convenient?

On the other hand, I’m making it super duper easy for you to say yes. I know that you might have flights and rooms to book and other travel expenses. This could’ve easily been a $1000 or more to attend this 2 day event. But I knew that it was more important for you to be in a room of go-getters who wouldn’t let you sell them on your excuses and would keep you accountable.

I knew that you would find your next business bestie here because that’s what’s happened to me at events. And I know that BREAKTHROUGHS happen when you fully immerse yourself in the experience of an event.

Are you coming for your breakthrough?

All the details are here: http://bit.ly/storiesselllive  The Stories Sell live event happens Sept 9-10, 2019 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  HUGE discount until August 15 – $230 off so you can come for the 2 day event for just $67 general admission or $167 VIP. Use code: storiessellspecial

My suggestion: GRAB THE VIP TICKET — it gives you early access, priority seating, light breakfast, and a mastermind Q&A Lunch with me for just $100 more (honestly, if you’ve ever hosted an event, you know that that barely covers the cost of food with all the hotel fees and taxes).

BUT WAIT!!! There’s more! When you register, you will get a FREE BRING A FRIEND TICKET. So if you’re thinking you want to share a room with someone, snag someone you know that would benefit and grow from this event and bring them with you!  


Vickie Gould is a book coach, content marketing strategist, best selling author, and speaker. She believes that everyone has a story to share and a journey orchestrated for their positive growth – and that those experiences should be written in a best selling book.

Vickie helps entrepreneurs to share their stories, self-publish and leverage their own business books, grow their following, create more impact and turn readers into clients through her Impact Now Program, Easy Writer Program, one-on-one coaching and her free Facebook Group, Write Your Biz Book.

She has written 10 best sellers such as Easy Writer and Standing in the Gap, and helped nearly 100 others to become best selling authors as well. Get immediate access to the FREE 3 Day Challenge Stories to Share and Sell here: bit.ly/storiestoshareandsell

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