You want to write your book in 3-6 months or less and get it to best seller and learn to seed it properly to turn readers into clients.  

We go over figuring out your best topic, structuring your chapters, telling your story impactfully, creating a writing and publishing timeline, how to self-publish easily, and marketing your book to best seller (guaranteed).

BONUS for live session happening February 4, 2019 – an additional 7 months of support for a total 10 months.  First 3 months focuses on writing and launching your book to best seller.  Months 4-10 focus on leveraging your book such as creating a book funnel, making a course from your book, pitching media. There will be guest experts as well.

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Value: $16,0000

$2997-$3900 Early Bird Enrollment

OUTCOME: Self-Published Best Selling Book

3 Day Weekend to Write
Retreat and Mastermind

You want to get away for some dedicated time to learn what to write and how to write it. In this 3 day retreat mastermind, we will go over your topic, book outline and structure, how to write your stories so that they are meaningful, how to self-publish quickly and easily, launching and creating your best seller timeline.

Includes 60 of support following our time together so you have what you need to launch your book to best seller.

Taking place at the Alida hotel, Savannah, Georgia in May 17-19, 2019 Min 6 participants, max 12.

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$7500 for each participant, double occupancy room included

OUTCOME:  Self-Published Best Selling Book


24 Hour Best Seller
Anthology Book Program

If you want DONE FOR YOU, this is it!  If you’ve said you don’t have time for a whole book, but you’d love the perks of being a best selling author, join us in New York June 13-14, 2019 for “24 Hour Best Seller.”

You’ll get coaching on how to write your story most impactfully. Then you’ll write your story and get feedback on your story over the course of 2 days. Next, you’ll be given a strategy to get to best seller as a collaborative group in the anthology.

You each write just one chapter.  The rest is done for you – editing, formatting, publishing, creating your ebook and print options.  AND you get to be in a setting where many other literary masterpieces and Hollywood movies have been made – The Plaza hotel.

Min 10 participants

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$3000 for each participant Super Early Bird Signup

OUTCOME:  Best Selling Book

You want to launch or re-launch your already written book so it can become a best seller.  This is a step-by-step program on how to market your book in a simple way that will get you there, guaranteed.

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OUTCOME:  Best Seller Status for the Book You Already Wrote


Exclusive one-on-one coaching for those who expect the best for themselves and their business. If you …. 

  • Always opt for the VIP experience
  • Are totally commited to getting the most out of writing your book
  • Want the highest level of support and accountability

… this private coaching package was created for you. Get more details HERE

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