What program is best for my business?

Newer to Business?  Get the Right Pieces Set Up Before You Write Your Book.


Want to Learn How to Get Attract More Abundance (and clients) into Your Life with Ease?


You Don’t Have Time to Write a Whole Book

You want to have the best seller title without the hassle – you don’t have time to write a whole book or learn how to publish it correctly.  With the anthology, you just write 1 chapter.  The Rest is done for you.  You’ll get coaching on your story, learn how to leverage the best seller status for ROI on your investment and participate in an online telesummit with all the participants if you so choose.


OUTCOME:  Best Selling Author Title, Coaching on Your Marketing Strategy to Leverage Your Story, Telesummit Participation (optional)

Ready to Write Your Book

Easy Writer Program

You’re self-directed and self-motivated.  You want to write your book in 3-6 months or less and get it to best seller and learn to seed it properly to turn readers into upsold clients.  You know you have the drive to complete the program and do it yourself with step-by step guidance.


OUTCOME: Guidance for writing your book and a Best Selling Book

Bookation Retreat 

You want professional feedback on the contents of your book.  You realize you need to add seeding to market your programs properly inside the book.

$7500 – $10,500

OUTCOME: Best Selling Book

Already Wrote Your Book

You want to launch or re-launch your already written book so it can become a best seller.  You know you can follow step-by-step directions and do it yourself with that guidance.


OUTCOME:  Best Selling Book

Private Book Feedback

You want professional one on one feedback specifically on the contents of your book.  You realize you need to add seeding to market your programs properly inside the book.


OUTCOME:  Feedback on your book contents

You Want a Done For You
Book Website 

You want a stunning website dedicated to your book that showcases your best seller professionally. Copywriting is created by Vickie.

Included are 4 pages: home, about, purchase, contact and 1 hour consultation with Vickie.

You provide: graphics, brand colors, domain name, hosting, photos, video

Finished in 8-10 weeks or less, depending on schedule, with one edit included

Add-ons: additional edits, logo design, video scripts, more pages, photoshoot in LA area

$3500-4000 (email for details)

OUTCOME:  4- Page Website for your book

You Want One-On-One Help

You want to have your book interviewed out of you and still have it sound like your voice. You will be interviewed for 8 hours and have a book professionally written for you – up to 10 chapters. Done in about 90 days.


OUTCOME:  Completed book

Goulden Coaching

You want one-on-one private guidance on structuring and writing your entire book from the first word to the last.  You would welcome feedback on everything you’ve written so that it’s seeded properly and you also have the business pieces set up to monetize your book to its highest potential. You’ll get individualized attention to strategize your best seller launch (it’s guaranteed). You’ll also get a press release to get seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.

$14,000 – 16,000

OUTCOME:  Best Selling Book

Goulden Coaching Alternate and Resign Package: You’re ready to leverage your story even more, create a stronger message, impact more people and amp up your visibility. Whether you have a book or not, you are ready to market yourself like crazy using the Storywheel of sharing through media. You want to get seen and featured on blogs, magazines, and podcasts, and you’re ready to do the work to put yourself out there.  We will put together your pitches, your media one sheet, your author bio, and create ways to grow your list with it all. You’ll send them out to to your dream list of places to be featured.

$14,000 – 16,000

OUTCOME:  Media features

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