What program is best for my business?

Newer to Business?  Get the Right Pieces Set Up Before You Write Your Book.


Want to Learn How to Get Attract More Abundance (and clients) into Your Life with Ease?


You Want to Share Your Story with the World

You’re self-directed and self-motivated.  You want to write your book in 3-6 months or less and get it to best seller and learn to seed it properly to turn readers into upsold clients.  You know you have the drive to complete the program and do it yourself with step-by step guidance. 

Note: upgrade to get personalized feedback and two private coaching calls add $5,000

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OUTCOME: Guidance for writing your book and a Best Selling Book

If you want DONE FOR YOU, this is it!  If you’d love to be in a book with 5-10 of your closest friends and business besties you’ll love the anthology option.  You pick the theme, we put the book together for you and publish it.

We create a strategy that includes you and your co-authors to get your book to best seller, guaranteed.

With the anthology, you each write just one chapter.  The Rest is done for you – editing, formatting, publishing, creating your ebook and print options.  AND you’ll get coaching on how to write your story so that it’s most magentic to your readers.

Inquire by emailing admin@vickiegould.com

$5000 for each participant

OUTCOME:  Best Selling Author Title, Coaching on Your Story 

Already Wrote Your Book

You want to launch or re-launch your already written book so it can become a best seller.  You know you can follow step-by-step directions and do it yourself with that guidance.

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OUTCOME:  Best Seller Status for the Book You Already Wrote

You Want One-On-One Help

Goulden Coaching

You’re ready to get UN-STUCK.  You know you have some limiting beliefs and a story rattling around in your head that’s keeping you from the success you want, creating a ceiling of how big you can get right now. 

You’re ready for a customized step-by-step strategy paired with meaningful personal development that will allow you to be exactly who you were meant to be in this world so you can make your mark and create your impact.

You’re ready to heal your story and manifest a future that’s in alignment with your vision.

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$14,000 – 16,000


You have OPTIONS (or a combination of both)

1) You have some “stuff” you want to work on to become more successful. Maybe it’s personal development around healing your story so that you can finally tell it. Maybe it’s a money story that’s keeping you from being as successful as you’d like. Maybe it’s fear of judgement, fear of failure or success, thinking that you’re not enough, worrying about losing love in the process of building your business … whatever it is, we will work on getting over your junk!

2) You feel good about writing your book, you just need some direction on a few things and don’t need the whole 4-month package.

Inquire by emailing admin@vickiegould.com

$2000 (90 Min) or $5000 (4 Hours)

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