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Let Me Write Your Copy that Converts

  • If you’ve ever dreaded writing your copy
  • If you’ve ever wasted time trying and then tossed out what you wrote
  • If you’ve ever been jealous of how great other people’s sales pages and email sequences sound
  • If you’ve ever NOT announced your offer because you couldn’t finish your sales page or funnel copy
  • Or if you’ve tried to write your copy but it didn’t come out right, sounded like an alien wrote it, and you were left with hardly anything, sitting there with a blinking cursor

BUT, you want to have amazing copy that converts … 

You’re not alone. 

Most people I talk to hate to write their own stuff. 

Not me — I love writing sales pages and email sequences that sell. So much so that I’ve been called “weirdo” by my friends. 

And I totally own it. If I could write funnel copy all day long, I’d be a happy person.

In fact, it’s not just funnel copy that I’m great at writing, I also have 10 best selling books, I’ve helped 102 people become best sellers too and I write press releases that are picked up by major media like ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox that have gotten 60 people worldwide attention. Plus, I’ve written for, Writer’s Digest, Tedx UofM, HuffPost, Thrive Global and more. 

You could say I’m a words nerd and that’s why I’m called The Words Lady™️.

Here's what they say ...

And you can have this too…..

Don’t keep going through this painful process trying to do it yourself.

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(customized packages available, standard packages range from $1997 to $3497+)