Accelerate your path to six Figures with one simple tool you Create ONCE and Monetize FOREVER!

Yes, I'm talking about writing your best selling book!

Maybe you’ve thought about writing your book before, but you’ve seen so many others get nothing out of writing theirs.  Or maybe you’re not sure which topic to pick.  And then of course, there’s that TIME thing! 

But you want all the perks of having a book (and a best seller at that) like ….

  • Instant authority (best seller is a more highly regarded title than Doctor)
  • A waiting list of clients and programs that fill quickly
  • So much credibility that people clamor to have you speak on their stages
  • Being asked on interviews for TV, magazines, podcasts and livestreams
  • A way to perpetually grow your business to 6-figures and beyond

Did that last one catch you?

The sad truth is that most entrepreneurs who write books, write them wrong. Right off the bat, they pick the wrong topic. Then they put the wrong things inside or miss things they should have included. Their stories ramble and the content doesn’t flow right or make sense. They’re not inherent marketers so all too often, they think of their book as an end product instead of connecting their book to a bigger outcome so they can truly monetize it.

In the end, they’re lost after it’s published and though they’re happy they have a book, they don’t truly know what to do with it. So they toss their book’s potential and move on to focus on something else to grow their business. Their books end up collecting dust on the shelf and they chalk it up to a vanity side project.

Please don’t let this happen to you. 

You have a story to tell. You have people who are waiting for your help. I know that you want your book to be wildly successful and become a best seller. But just like any marketing tool (which your best seller is), you must have a system to use it correctly to build your business. Sitting on the shelf won’t help. You need a proven process and that’s what I have.

Want a 6-figure money machine? 
You just need to write your book once, then monetize it forever.
It’s that simple.

You can get all this in one fell swoop ….

  • A Best Selling Book
  • Credibility and Expert Status
  • Media Exposure on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX
  • Be Asked to Speak on Stages
  • Never Ending Content
  • Master storytelling skills
  • Community and List Growth
  • A Consistent Stream of Ideal Clients

Dr. Joy Lough made 10-12 times her investment within 6 months after she launched her book to best seller … with more to come as she says!

Back in 2009 I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. My doctor advised me that my body was that of an 80 year old’s and to learn to live with it. He told me to accept that this was the way the rest of my life would be.

Lyme disease left me in bed for 16-18 hours a day for the next 1,776 days. From sun up to sun down, I was in too much pain and fogginess to do much. And as much as I tried to do what that doctor said, I didn’t want to believe it this was what I was born for. I felt like a failing wife and mother as I watched my children grow up by the side of my bed. 

When my youngest son would come and ask me if I could go to his elementary school party, I would watch as the hopefulness washed out of his eyes and turned to disappointment when I said, “Mama just isn’t up to it.”

I knew I had a story to tell.  I knew there was a bigger reason for why I had gone through that I had gone through.

             ~Vickie Gould

And it was during these days that I wondered if the world wouldn’t be better off with out me.  I felt like a drain on the family finances, I couldn’t function as a person and my brain fog was making me feel like my biggest asset was leaving me – my intelligence.

Thing was, I didn’t really want life to end, I just wanted the pain and suffering to end.  I wanted desperately to be here and have the energy to play with my future grandchildren. I started reading books and stories about people who had overcome terminal illnesses and incurable diseases and it gave me hope that I could do it too. And I decided that a doctor doesn’t get to predict how my future turns out. So I researched and became a Master Herbalist to help myself feel better and it worked.

Through those days, the thought that really bothered me was that I might leave this earth and no one would have known the difference that I had come and gone.  How had I made the world a better place? Where was the legacy?  What and who had I impacted? I wanted to change that and I knew so many others have stories of tenacity and perseverance too. This is where I began to help other entrepreneurs to write their stories and share their stories so that they could help heal the world as the wounded changemakers that we are. 

Isn’t it time now for your to use your “WHY ME?!” moments for good?  To know that you could help that ONE PERSON along with millions of others by writing your book, leveraging it for your business and riding the wave of your story to create a business that can monetize it forever. Yes, I think it’s your time.

Here’s what I know ….

Your story matters — it’s what can attract perfect clients and make you big money.


Your book makes your marketing easy and makes you a big deal — it opens doors!

Your best selling book helps you make money without chasing down potential clients — leverage your book and and stop letting your biz run you!

Instead of taking time, writing your book SAVES you time!

What my past clients have been able to achieve …

  • 2x their investment back in 2 weeks after their book launch
  • 10-12x their investment back within 6 months of their book launch
  • Sold out retreats and programs
  • Adding 6-figures to their business
  • Invitations to speak on stage, including Tedx
  • Media features and guest interviews
  • Being seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX
  • Doubling their rates (and getting more clients)
  • Features on TV and magazine
  • International book signings and book tours
  • Increased confidence
  • Working smarter and making more!

* Disclaimer: for illustration purposes only, not a predictor or promise of your results

Endorsed by Lisa Nichols

Motivational Speaker and NY Times Best Selling Author

So I want to invite you to think big and join 

Where you’ll learn how to ….

  • Write and launch a best selling book
  • Automate getting clients while you sleep
  • Create a course from your book
  • Get media features
  • Create never ending content from your book
  • Speak on stage
  • Use storytelling to attract ideal clients
  • Leverage your best seller title and monetize FOREVER!

And you’ll get ….

  • The full Easy Writer Guaranteed Amazon Best Seller Program to write and launch your book to best seller, gauranteed ($10k value)
  • Press release with guaranteed pick up to NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX (value $1500)
  • Book Editing up to 100 pages ($700 value)
  • Book Cover ($100 value)
  • 3 Day IMPACT Live Mastermind  Event ($5000 value)
  • 4 Storytelling and networking formulas ($3000 value)
  • Entire Words that Attract and Sell Library ($4500 value)
  • Speaker’s Video Reel during the IMPACT Mastermind ($1000 value)
  • PR Training for Multi-Media Platforms ($5000 value)
  • Group Coaching Calls and Facebook Community ($12k value)
                                   TOTAL VALUE: $42,800

Maximum 10 spots available. Acceptance to the program is by application only.

Yours for 10 payments of just $1700 or one payment of just $15,000

Program group coaching slated to start January 13, 2020.

Listen, this is a FULL PROGRAM, not one of those programs where you learn one part about how to grow your business and then have to piece together the rest.  We’ll take you from feeling like an unknown in your industry with inconsistent income and inconsistent clients to a FULLY VIBRANT, IMPACTFUL business that creates clients while you sleep with the most powerful marketing and credibility tool available — your best selling book.

Why keep trying to wing it to success hoping you’ll get recognized for your expertise? 

  • Preparing the setup for writing your best selling book.
  • Creating your BIG VISION for monetizing your book
  • Analyze your program(s) pricing to achieve your income goals
  • Strategize how to save time writing your book
  • Learning story formulas and when to use them appropriately

12 weeks of modules from the Easy Writer program which will show you how to write your book in 60 days and launch it to best seller by 90 days.
(click on graphics to see larger photo)

  • Take your finished book and turn it into a course (or multiple courses) to create a seamless prospect to client journey.
  • Learn how to automate your client-getting strategies so that you can get appointments straight to your inbox.
  • Create all the content for your book funnel including your landing page, sales page and email sequence.
  • Implement your book funnel to upsell your reader and turns them into clients.
  • Leverage your best selling author status to get media features and speaking gigs.
  • Create all the elements you need to land opportunities — media bio, pitch letters, one sheet
  • Pitch yourself to magazines, blogs, podcasts, events, conferences, etc.
  • Learn how to automate your process and get interns to help you in your business.
  • Learn how to properly analyze and revise your process for continuous growth and success.
  • Learn ways to increase your monthly leads and improve your closing rate for more clients.
  • Create your strategy for consistent book sales and scaling.

Impact Now is For Entrepreneurs Who … 

  • Know their client avatar
  • Have a well crafted offer
  • Are going towards $5-10k months and beyond but want more consistency
  • Have created at least one freebie
  • Are growing their email list regularly
  • Have a team – at least a VA 
  • Appreciate straight talk
  • Can take swift action and implement strategies
  • Are information junkies who don’t let tech stand in their way
  • Want to grow and get there faster rather than waste time trying to figure it out on their own
  • Want accountability and are self-starters who enjoy being in a like-minded positive community 
  • Have a “no matter what” attitude 

Impact Now is Not For … 

  • Those who want a done for you service
  • New coaches who do not know who their target audience is
  • People who are unsure what their core offer is
  • Entrepreneurs who have yet to make any sales
  • Those who do not have an email list
  • Those who are unwilling to do the work to write and launch their book in the first 4 months
  • Anyone scared to put their message out
  • Those who shy away from tech and automation 
  • Those who don’t want to be on social media
  • People who are committed to be in confusion, victim mode or constant overwhelm
  • Those who procrastinate or can’t handle a fast pace
  • Those who need a baby sitter to complete their tasks
  • People who allow their negative chatter to dictate their life

Here’s what else they’re saying ….

About Vickie Gould

colorful-2-chairHi, I’m Vickie Gould, 10 time Amazon Best Selling Author and I’ve helped nearly 100 others become best sellers as well.  I’ve always loved words.  I love the psychology of words too, and I’ve always loved learning about why we do what we do, as well.  Words matter so much.  They can uplift and inspire, and they can tear and break down. I want to motivate and help people to see their potential – that life that they’re meant to live. 

I never thought my life would end up here, but looking back, it makes so much sense.

From the time I was in elementary school, I always had a “side gig” and even when I took that corporate route, I still had those side gigs.  I couldn’t kick that entrepreneurial spirit.

I also became the editor of the school newspaper, yearbook and literary magazine (yes, I kind of monopolized them all).  I enjoyed so much the creative side and the strategic side of creating all those things.  It’s no surprise now that I also had my own online magazine, Real Deal Magazine.  

But there was a not-so-fun-time in my life when I was very sick.  I was stuck in bed basically for 4 years of my life. And the view from my bed wasn’t very uplifting as my children grew up without me and life passed me by.  I spent many days in my head, thinking of how to get better, IF I was ever going to get better and the thoughts that swirled through my head about what the purpose of my illness was.

And on those nights I spent crying on the cold bathroom floor or next to my sleeping husband, I grieved the life I thought I’d never get to live, which only took me back to all the things that I wished I would’ve done had I known I would be sick.  There were days I wanted to give up and days I knew I just had to see my children grow up, and for me to have to the chance to see my future grandchildren.

Those were the thoughts that kept me going and I started to change my thoughts about who I was – who I had always been meant to be and how there must be a purpose for my life.  I was not going to leave this world without having left my mark.  I didn’t want to go through all this and not have an impact.  I told myself no more regrets.  No more looking back and wishing.  From now on, there would only be me, helping others, leaving a legacy and living life to the fullest. 

So probably no surprise either that wanting to leave my mark and helping others make an impact and leave their legacy, led to books.  Helping entrepreneurs just like you to strategically write Amazon best selling books and leverage them is where my heart is.  

If you want influence, impact, legacy and significance, you need to write a book for your business.  Not only does it help you to live forever in your own words, but it also creates a way for your ideal prospect to get to know you intimately, through your stories, making a connection with you and then wanting to reach out to become your next client. You write it once and get to monetize it forever!

My background:  

  • Graduate of Global Leaders Program with “Rockstar” Award through Motivating the Masses/Lisa Nichols
  • Certified Divine Living Transformational Life and Business Coach through Divine Living Academy, ICF approved for specific coaching hours
  • Law of Attraction Certified Practitioner through Global Sciences Foundation
  • Law of Attraction Advanced Wealth Certified Practitioner through Global Sciences Foundation
  • Silver Protege Sales Certified through Eric Lofholm International
  • Studying NLP and Ho’oponopono through Global Science Foundation
  • Former publisher and Owner of Real Deal™️ Magazine
  • Master Herbalist, Reiki Master, Aromatherapist.

I’m a multi #1 Amazon Best Selling Author and I’ve been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and featured in, HuffPost, Thrive Global, Writer’s Digest, BuzzFeed, The Mighty and many others including telesummits and podcasts.  

create once, monetize forever ...

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