Create More Impact and Bust Through Your Income Ceiling with one simple tool you Create ONCE and Monetize FOREVER!

Yes, I'm talking about writing your best selling book!

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So you’ve created a successful business and you’ve gotten to the point where with that success comes more opportunities and sometimes more confusion. 

What do I do next? What’s that THING that’s going to get me to the next level?

Well, let me tell you …. your BEST CHOICE is to write your best selling book (which I call a best selling experience).

What would happen if you could …

  • make the big impact you want instead of settling where you are
  • Pull the lever that gets you past your current income ceiling
  • Attract higher quality followers, leads and prospects
  • Close higher ticket sales
  • Get asked on bigger and bigger stages
  • Be noticed by bigger and bigger media
  • Stop working so much IN your business and free up your time
  • Travel and make more memories with your family
  • Get the dream home and car, bank the rest
  • Buy more shoes (okay, that’s just me)
  • Most of all, create a legacy you can be proud of

See, it’s not just about the book because plenty of people write books and nobody reads them. Or they write a book and it doesn’t get them to the next level, doesn’t get them the stages they want, and doesn’t get them the authority they want.

Why not?  What are they missing?

They’re missing the BEST SELLING EXPERIENCE.

When you think about your book, are you thinking you’re just going write this book, this thing? Or are you looking at the bigger picture and what it’s going to do for your business?  And do you have the pieces in place to leverage that book the right way? 

Because you have to write the RIGHT BOOK at the RIGHT TIME with the RIGHT TOPIC and not everyone gets this. But if you get it, it unlocks the key to growing your business FOREVER.

Then you can put yourself in a category all by yourself, creating waves of change because you didn’t write just any old book. You wrote one that’s impactful and gets you known for giving people a BEST SELLING EXPERIENCE. And yes, it will be the next ribbon for your business that will change the trajectory of your whole life.

Don’t just write a book, write a best selling experience!

I realized pretty son after my first best seller flopped that a book is just a book until you know what to do with it. It’s not going to grow arms and legs and go get your new clients. You have to have a full strategy and formula to use that book beyond just getting it published. 

Your new clients are not buying a book and then your product — that’s pretty boring. Your new clients are buying your why story and an EXPERIENCE that leads to the next experience with you … over the course of a lifetime. 

What if you could get all this in one fell swoop ….

  • A Best Selling [Experience] Book
  • High Level Expert Status and Authority
  • Media Exposure on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX
  • Community of Loyal Lifetime Followers and  Massive List Growth
  • A Stream of Consistent Ideal Clients

Dr. Joy Lough made 10-12 times her investment within 6 months after she launched
her book to best seller … with more to come as she says!

Your Experience Could Help that ONE Person … and Millions More!

Back in 2009 I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. My doctor advised me that my body was that of an 80 year old’s and to learn to live with it. He told me to accept that this was the way the rest of my life would be.

Lyme disease left me in bed for 16-18 hours a day for the next 1,776 days. From sun up to sun down, I was in too much pain and fogginess to do much. And as much as I tried to do what that doctor said, I didn’t want to believe it this was what I was born for. I felt like a failing wife and mother as I watched my children grow up by the side of my bed. 

When my youngest son would come and ask me if I could go to his elementary school party, I would watch as the hopefulness washed out of his eyes and turned to disappointment when I said, “Mama just isn’t up to it.”

I knew there was a bigger reason for why I had gone through that I had gone through. I knew I was meant for big impact.

             ~Vickie Gould

And it was during these days that I wondered if the world wouldn’t be better off with out me.  I felt like a drain on the family finances, I couldn’t function as a person and my brain fog was making me feel like my biggest asset was leaving me – my intelligence.

Thing was, I didn’t really want life to end, I just wanted the pain and suffering to end.  I wanted desperately to be here and have the energy to play with my future grandchildren. I started reading books and stories about people who had overcome terminal illnesses and incurable diseases and it gave me hope that I could do it too. And I decided that a doctor doesn’t get to predict how my future turns out. So I researched and became a Master Herbalist to help myself feel better and it worked.

Through those days, the thought that really bothered me was that I might leave this earth and no one would have known the difference that I had come and gone.  How had I made the world a better place? Where was the legacy?  What and who had I impacted? I wanted to change that and I knew so many others have stories of tenacity and perseverance too. This is where I began to help other entrepreneurs to write their stories and share their stories so that they could help heal the world as the wounded changemakers that we are. 

Isn’t it time now for your to use your “WHY ME?!” moments for good?  To know that you could help that ONE PERSON along with millions of others by writing your book, leveraging it for your business and riding the wave of your story to create a business that can monetize it forever. Yes, I think it’s your time.

Here’s what I know ….

The most important thing you can do for your business is to share your WHY story and the best way to get known for it worldwide is to write your best seller.

Your best seller has to be written for your reader in a way that is an EXPERIENCE — one in which they don’t want to end. 

To maximize the monetization of your best selling experience, you must offer the reader a way to continue that experience into your programs and services.

Oh and BONUS, writing your book SAVES you time!

The good news for you is that most entrepreneurs won’t do this. Many won’t get to the point where they write their book and those who do will put it out there without the pieces necessary to make the most of it. 

So if you do this right, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

You’ll be ahead of your competition ….
You’ll stand out ….
You’ll have that authority that you want.

Now, I won’t lie to you — it will take time because it takes time to save time. But there are hacks, tips and shortcuts to writing it 10x faster. I promise it won’t take as much time as you think if you use my strategies and it won’t take as much time as trying to hit your goals without it.

Once you’re done with all the right pieces in place, you’ll have a way to consistently stream ideal clients to you FOREVER. What else in your business can do that?  NOTHING.

Here’s what my past clients have been able to achieve …

  • 2x their investment back in 2 weeks after their book launch
  • 10-12x their investment back within 6 months of their book launch
  • Sold out retreats and programs
  • Adding 6-figures to their business
  • Invitations to speak on stage, including Tedx
  • Media features and guest interviews
  • Being seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX
  • Doubling their rates (and getting more clients)
  • Features on TV and magazine
  • International book signings and book tours
  • Increased confidence
  • Working smarter and making more!

* Disclaimer: for illustration purposes only, not a predictor or promise of your results

Endorsed by Lisa Nichols

Motivational Speaker and NY Times Best Selling Author

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So many people want to and try to write a book but they don’t have a plan to leverage it properly and that’s exactly what I want to walk you through in my high level program Impact Now, where business, marketing and book coaching come together to give you a full plan for perpetual clients and income …. 

Where you’ll learn my
F.A.M.E. Formula™️ for Legendary Impact


Grow your base of followers and fans before during and after writing your book and become an influencer in your niche.


Write the right book with the right topic giving the reader an experience they don’t want to end so they’ll want the next step.


Build your next course based on your book and create a book funnel that streams ideal clients to you on autopilot while you sleep. 


Leverage your message on multi-media platforms (online, offline, on stages, etc) so that people see you as an omnipresent influencer — it’s how your name becomes synonymous with your niche.

And you’ll get ….

The Full Plan to Write and Launch Your Best Selling Experience

  • Pick your topic and write your book as a best selling experience using proven methods to make it meaningful and impactful. 
  • Craft and order the interior of your book in a way that organizes it to be written 10x faster
  • Find your unique angle, process or method that makes you stand out as an expert
  • Professional interior and exterior that uplevels your brand (editing of 150 pages)
  • Launch your best selling experience to best seller, guaranteed

Complete Your Entire Book Funnel 

  • Create your next course from your book
  • Construct your plan on how to get your book in front of the right people consistently month after month
  • Automate the client-getting process
  • Wake up to appointments and purchases

3 Day IMPACT Live Mastermind Event 

  • Learn how to impactfully share your story on stage
  • Create a keynote from points you pull from your book
  • Speak at Vickie’s live event 
  • Get a professional video reel and headshots

Marketing Training

  • Learn how to leverage the 4 storytelling and networking formulas to grow your following and become a bigger influencer
  • Templates, outlines and swipe files for hosting your own online challenges, telesummits, webinars, trainings, livestreams, and live events so you can sell easily without feeling pushy or salesy
  • Pitch letter templates and contact information to get the attention of multi-media
  • Basic PR and speaking training on how to be enticing to decision makers

Accountability and Support

  • LIVE Group Coaching Calls 
  • Facebook Community of like-minded entrepreneurs

Acceptance to the program is by application and interview only.

$2500/mo for 8 months or 

$2500 discount with one time full pay plan of $17,500

Program start: January 27, 2020.

Listen, this is a FULL PROGRAM, not one of those programs where you publish a book, launch it for free and hope for the best afterwards and then wonder, “What now?” 

We’ll take you from feeling not well-known enough to a popular “You’re everywhere!” before you know it, getting beyond your current income ceiling into a FULLY VIBRANT, IMPACTFUL business that creates clients while you sleep with the most powerful marketing and credibility tool available — your best selling experience book.

Don’t try to wing it to your next level of success hoping you’ll get recognized for your expertise along the way. That’s the slow, hard way to neverland. 

Here’s what I’ve seen over and over again … successful business owners shortcut to success by investing significantly towards their success AND it always comes back to them many times over when they make a commitment and take swift action. They don’t wait until they feel ready.

  • Prep your business for book writing so that you can get clients during the process
  • Learn how to call out your ideal client and attract the people who want your services
  • Learn to write a best selling experience inside your book
  • Write it in 60 days and structure it to be impactful and meaningful
  • Create your ebook and print book versions
  • Learn how to grow your following and list while you’re writing your book
  • Launch it to best seller in a PAID category

Decide your next steps with your book.  It could be … 

  • Take your finished book and turn it into your next course to create the follow up experience to your book (for your reader to buy)
  • Learn how to automate your client-getting strategies so that you can get appointments and signups straight to your inbox.
  • Create all the content for your book funnel including your landing page, sales page and email sequence.
  • Implement your book funnel to upsell your reader and turn them into clients.

Find your top strategy for leveraging your content …. 

  • Learn how to repurpose your book for engaging, never ending content and become a marketing copy pro
  • Apply templates, outlines and swipe files for hosting your own online challenges, telesummits, webinars, trainings, livestream, and live events and easily convert prospects into clients without feeling sleezy, pushy or salesy
  • Use your best selling author status to get the attention of big media
  • Create your ongoing strategy to grow your following, monetize your book and get consistent clients month after month

This is for you if you …

  • Know that writing your best selling experience is the next step to your uplevel
  • Are a high achiever, fast decision-maker and self-starter who enjoys being in a like-minded positive community 
  • You understand that you don’t just need your book, but you also want the business and marketing coaching to make your book truly work for you
  • Are making money with a core offer (1:1, group or product) but want to break through your current income ceiling
  • Appreciate straight talk and don’t want to be babied
  • Forge on and never let anything stand in the way of implementation and success
  • Are an information junkie who takes action
  • Want to grow and get there faster rather than waste time trying to figure it out on your own
  • Have a “done is better than perfect” attitude 
  • Know that the investment in the right program will result in a huge ROI because you implement what’s taught

This is NOT for you if you …

  • Want a done for you service
  • Think that joining a program is all you need (and you don’t have to implement)
  • Like the identity of “Newbie” and don’t want to move past it
  • Can’t trust the process (are uncoachable)
  • Have no idea what you sell or who your ideal client is
  • Can’t get past perfection to put things out
  • Don’t want to be on social media
  • Are committed to be in confusion, victim mode or constant overwhelm and drama
  • Can’t handle quick implementation or like to procrastinate
  • Need a baby sitter to complete your tasks
  • Allow your negative chatter to dictate your life (you run on emotions) and become paralyzed
  • See investing in your business as high risk because you don’t trust yourself to follow through

Here’s what else they’re saying ….

Now You Have a Choice

  • If you want to step into your full potential for your business in the next year …
  • If you’re ready to get your book out into the world with a plan to write not just a best seller, but a best selling experience so that you can make a bigger impact and create more freedom and wealth …
  • If you want to make sure you have all the right pieces in place so that you can confidently write your book once and monetize it forever …

Then now is the time to click the button below and complete the application so we can talk. I can’t wait to speak to you about exploding your business next year!

Write your best selling experience once, monetize it forever ...