You Published Your Book ....

Now what?

Most authors aren't shown how to leverage their book. Usually they can't see past the hurdle of getting the book written and out into the world. That's why it's no wonder so many entrepreneurs become authors and then have a book collecting dust on their shelf.

Here's the real skinny: your book is a TOOL and just like a hammer can't build a house on its own, your book can't build your empire on its own either. It needs you to take action.

Good News: you still have time to do this

Whether you want to turn your book into a course, create a profitable book funnel to get clients on autopilot or leverage your book to pitch media, you can do it all now -- it's not too late.

I can't even tell you how exciting it is for me to see my best selling book clients get features online, be interviewed in podcasts and TV, fill their programs and retreats, create new programs, raise their program prices, speak on stage and do book signings all over the world.

They use their book to build their brand, grow their reach and get more clients through their automated funnels. They've learned to create an impactful business by leveraging their book to open the doors of opportunity online and offline. They're creating living legacies.

And here are just a few of them ....

Michael Wynn

Leveraging my book has giving me opportunities to be interviewed on podcasts, get speaking engagements, do book signings and participate in the Annual African-American Book Expo in Detroit. My first book has given me so much that I'm writing my 2nd book already too!

Michael Wynn
Habit Success Strategist
Phil Bohlender

Vickie shared with me her process for pitching media and it proved to be successful for me when I used it the first time. When I followed her template, my book was included in a prestigious list of books to read while traveling. It is still #7 on that list of 29 books months later.

Phil Bohlender
Leadership Coach
Stacie Winkfield

My book Breaking Bravely has given me the authority to move courageously through my own life and seek the life I wanted and not the one everyone else wanted for me. It has allowed me to gain Clarity in my life and easily access and help clients with coaching and new product ideas.

Stacie Winkfield
Shaneil Stewart

I've been able to use my book to get multiple clients through a book funnel - it definitely helps streamline the client-getting process!

Shaneil Stewart
Intuitive Reinvention Strategist

My book sales, including international sales has reached over a thousand copies.  I have also had an international speaking engagement. Two radio stations have invited me to be a guest — one local and one East Coast.  I will continue to use my book as the platform on which to spread hope and its role in our success.

Deneen Andrades
Life Transformation Specialist

Since the book, I have been a lecturer for a few schools and universities speaking on Entrepreneurship and overcoming challenges.  I have even been asked to help develop a curriculum at one of the Universities

Dr. Joy Lough
Small Business Startup Strategist

Since the release of 'Rising Above', I was invited to give a TEDx talk entitled, 'Rising Above the Chaos' now currently on YouTube, as well as many more high end speaking engagements. Also, as a Financial Advisor, I have brought in over $2 million in new assets as a direct result of the book.

Curtis Marsh

In the last 2 years since my first books came out, I've been able to add almost 6-figures to my coaching business by leveraging my books in speaking.

Karen Donaldson
Confidence and Speaker Coach

Whether you were a co-author in a compilation book
or authored your own book, I can help ....

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Don't let your hard work and legacy go unnoticed....

Can I be really frank here? I know that your heart just wants to help people, but the huge opportunity you're missing is one that will grow your business and create the lifestyle that you want for yourself and your family. What if this was the only thing you needed to do to leave your mark on the world AND have a thriving business you loved?

I know you didn't write your book for vanity's sake. I bet that you wanted to make a difference in someone's life with your story and what you've learned. I'd also venture to guess that your book means a lot to you. So quit hiding it from the world. Let it do the good it's supposed to already be doing out there. HELP it help those people that it was written for -- the pieces are all right here.

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Meet Vickie Gould ....

Book CoachAs a result of working with her, Vickie Gould's clients become best selling authors who are able to grow their reach worldwide, create more impact, and turn their readers into clients. She's known as The Words Lady™️, is the queen of storytelling and she's a 10x best selling author who has helped nearly 100 others become best sellers too.

But what many people don't realize is that her first book flopped. She didn't know what to do with it, and even though she knew it contained powerful stories and lessons, it wasn't helping too many people. As she wrote more books and started to help other entrepreneurs with theirs, she found out that the missing piece in the book industry is teaching people what to do once their book is done.  That's why now she is adamant that no entrepreneur's book is left collecting dust.

Vickie has been featured on Huffington Post,, Thrive Global, The Tri-County Times and many more. Her clients have been featured on Tedx, spoken on stages all over the world, done international book signings, been interviewed on TV and in magazines. When it comes to their programs, they've sold out launches and retreats, created new offerings, closed millions in sales and added 6-figures to their businesses. What she's most proud of is how her clients are taking what they've learned and making a real difference in the world.