Quantum Accelerator

12-Month Private Mastermind for High Achievers

3x Your Income with 3x Less Work

Attract clients without the hustle, without chasing them down, without constantly launching, and stop waisting time on fruitless sales calls — find your free time again!

If you’re like my highly successful clients, you probably have most of the knowledge, skills, strategies and systems that you need. But there’s too much of the hustle and grind you never wanted to fall into. You want to do it YOUR WAY, collapse time and feel great while you do it! You’re just not sure how to make it happen.

Here’s a secret that hyper successful business owners know — They learn to collapse time. That means they can jump timelines. They manifest faster (in half the time or less) and get their time back, all while doing it with EASE and FLOW.

“This program is what every program out there IS NOT.” ~ KD

“[Vickie] You got me achieve what no other coach has been able to. And it wasn’t because you tried to convince me to do it or tell me why it was good for me. It was because you got me in alignment with myself. New client in 9 days!” ~ RH

Quantum Accelerator is for you if …

  • $10k months don’t speak to you because it’s too small and the “Millionaire Mindset” isn’t big enough to hold your vision.
  • You  realize it’s not about some crazy new strategy, it’s all about YOU.
  • You know a big part of getting to your next level is about using the Law of Attraction.
  • You know you have something within you and you want to learn to harness your own energy to get things to flow better so you can stop hitting ceilings and truly eliminate your blocks once and for all.
  • You want to hone your manifestation powers and stop sending out repelling energy.
  • You want to get rid of old stories so you can stop hitting that ceiling to your next level of success.
  • You’d like to be spending more time sipping your fancy drink on the beach rather than wasting it on discovery calls that go nowhere — only talk to people who are already sold or just close your high ticket programs on messenger or text. 
  • You’re tired of talking more strategy, more strategy, more strategy and hearing all of the above sounds refreshing.

Bottom line, you’re ready to BE more and stop the “DO more.” You understand that YOU are the magic in your business, not some new-fangled strategy, but you just don’t know how to access your own internal magic fully.

Heres’ that you need to know …. if you change your state, if you can remove the blocks, get into flow, and really believe in your manifestation powers, the strategy you use is completely irrelevant. Success will come in buckets.

If this sounds like the superpower you want for your life and business, you’re exactly who I created Quantum Accelerator for. It’s all about the ENERGY with proximity. When you’re with other powerhouse entrepreneurs, you have no choice but to level up. We will have 2 Accelerator Experience retreats domestically in the USA and internationally in a high vibe location that will increase your expansion. This is where a lot of the magic happens so expect to be pampered in a luxurious experience.

The perfect candidate for Quantum Accelerator is someone who can invest at a $5,000 per month level. You’re no fluff. You want a coach who tells you straight and gets you results. You’re someone who wants to maximize your performance, makes your own decisions swiftly, doesn’t swirl in overwhelm, has a no-excuses policy, wants to be truthfully called out, shows up and is looking for less work with more ease and flow.

More money in less time with more time freedom — that’s it.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, click the button below and let’s see if we have the synergy to make your upcoming months the best months ever!

$5,000 x 12 months or $55,000 one time
by invitation only