(International #1 Best Seller Courageous World Catalysts 2017)

Do you dream of one day becoming a published author?  Do you want to make your mark and have a lasting impact?  Do you want to have a world-wide reach?

But you've hesitated because you're overwhelmed, you don't know where to start, you don't know how to publish a book and you're not sure how to share your knowledge.  Maybe you've even started a couple of times and then put it aside because it seems like such a daunting task. 

UGH .... and it stays on your mind because you really want it and yet you just can't seem to get it done.  It's a heart-pang every time you thing about it (and it's often).

But what if?  Can You Imagine .... 

  • Being able to share your journey and story to help those who are struggling.
  • Leaving your legacy and having your message reach across the world.
  • Sharing your story and being an inspiration.
  • Showing your credibility and expertise.
  • Being able to finally say you did it - you're an author and Best Seller at that!

Without .... 

  • Having to write a 200 or 300 page book.
  • Making the process long, hard or tedious
    (check out Maxine's video further down -
    she did it in just 3 hours)
  • Going through any craziness or overwhelm.
  • Freaking out about pressing "publish"

Hi, I'm Vickie Gould...

And I’ve had the privilege and honor of having created 6 Best Selling books of my own, including the last anthology "Courageous World Catalysts", and having been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.  I publish my own magazine, Real Deal Magazine and write for HuffPost and Thrive Global.  But even though I love reading and writing, I didn't always know what to put in my books or how to tell my story in a way that I could really make an impact in the world.  And I for sure didn't know how to get to Best Seller! 

I get it! 

All I knew was that I wanted to make that impact, leave a lasting legacy and finally get my message out in a book!  I had been wanting to write and share my story for years - probably decades.

A lot of times we procrastinate on things that are super important to us because of all the fears and uncertainty around it.  How do I write it right?  How do I publish it?  Will it even make the impact I want?  And because of that, we leave the exact thing that we would regret leaving undone at the end of our lives ... undone.

Let me do the work for you.

All you have to do is turn in your story (which will be 1 chapter) and I'm going to give you easy-to-follow steps to writing it so that it speaks to those people who need your help. I'm also going to take away the tech overwhelm by publishing the book for you and guaranteeing the Best Seller status.  Plus, I'm even going to have your story edited by my team.  PHEW!  Fears be gone!

There are 2 new elements of the anthology program for Courageous World Catalysts III .....

  1. Coaching on how to leverage your best seller status to grow your list
  2. An online telesummit with all the participants 

Guarantee?  How can that be?

I get it.  I'd wonder too.  It seems kind of far-fetched to think someone can guarantee the Amazon Best Seller Status, right?  Well, I can't tell you how because that's part of the trade secret in the program, but I can tell you that I've gotten every client I've worked with to Best Seller.  Part of it is the number of books you sell and part of it is the secret sauce I'll reveal in the program.

If we jointly follow the same steps that I used with my previous clients, I'm sure this anthology will be a best seller too.  I'm so confident that I GUARANTEE IT!  🙂


Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 7.02.36 AMThe first Courageous World Catalysts anthology (pictured above), launched August 8, 2017 and went to #1 INTERNATIONALLY in the USA, Canada and Australia.  It also hit #4 in France in Germany and #1 in Hot New Releases in Japan!

What's it like to be in a Best Selling anthology with Vickie?
Take a listen and read below....

I had been in an anthology project before and the process had been long, so I was worried. But when I came into this project with Vickie, she literally laid out every single thing you needed to do, with all the dates. Her amazing editor give us feedback so that this project could be the most impactful for our stories and our brand.

If you want to become a published author and you want someone who makes the process seamless so you can become a Best Seller, I would definitely recommend Vickie. Thank you so much, Vickie, for making this process easy and creating an amazing project that will impact so many lives including the authors in it.

~ Kierra Jones, The Shine Strategist

I've known I wanted to write a Best Selling book for so long, but year after year, I didn't get it done. When I saw Vickie put out this program, I didn't hesitate. It was an absolute no-brainer. In 3 hours effort on my part, I'm now an International Best Selling author. It was so easy and so much fun.

Vickie has an incredible lightness and way of working with you that's such a joy. She has an amazing way of calling in incredible people that are not just my co-authors, but now my friends. This is the quickest way to get your message out and so many people who have read the book have told me they've been touched.

~ Maxine Nwaneri, Success Coach, Founder of The Future is Greater

It was an absolutely amazing experience working with Vickie. She attracts the most amazing people! She helped get those stories out of us and onto paper. She also had an amazing editorial team who gave us feedback on making it even more epic.

If you're thinking about an anthology, think no more. The ability to be a Best Selling author - the credibility, the ability to share your story and impact thousands of people is really going to transform your life. Don't hold yourself back - it was so incredible to go through her program.

~ Shaneil Stewart, Online Visibility and Marketing Strategist

I have wanted to write a book for a very long time, but I had this idea that writing a book was so hard and so out of reach. When the anthology came up, it was an opportunity for me to go through the process with the support of a community.

Vickie was fabulous leading the group to support us. The ability to work with an editor and go through the entire process from writing and editing the story, to getting clear, to the launch - it's all in there. It was just the "right size" for becoming a first time author. If you have the desire to write a book, if the next anthology is calling to you, I highly encourage you - just say YES!

~ Carri Adcock, Success Coach

It was such an amazing experience. I could not even begin to say how much it meant to me. To be a Best Seller is phenomenal and we couldn't have done it without Vickie.

If you're thinking about sharing your story or joining Vickie's anthology, please don't hesitate because Vickie is the best mentor. I encourage you - imagine being a part of something as amazing as a Best Selling anthology. Put your heart into it and you'll have the best mentor that could help you with it. You won't be disappointed. Thank you, Vickie.

~ Adaku Ikotun, Inspirational & Motivational Coach, Founder of Adaku Inspires

Introducing Courageous World Catalysts III ....

Courageous World Catalysts III will be a compilation of stories from entrepreneurs all around the world who want to share their entrepreneurial stories so that their journey (and lessons) can be inspiring and motivating to others.  What have you learned about yourself, The Universe, success and what you're called to help people overcome?  Can you imagine the impact of all these stories all together?  Wow.  Just amazing. 

In the anthology, you will ....

  • Be able to share your story to help and inspire others
  • Grow your reach and impact the world
  • Be part of a tight knit Facebook community of aspiring authors
  • Join other entrepreneurs sharing their message
  • Get 5 live group coaching calls.
  • Share your business and promote links in your bio
  • Have your story edited by my professional team
  • Become a published author - Best Seller, guaranteed
  • Be "seen on" ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, guaranteed
  • Coaching on how to leverage your best seller status
  • An online telesummit with all participants to help grow your list
  • Have access to discounted print versions of the book to sell at your price
  • NO overwhelm.  Just submit your story.  Your part is quick and easy.
  • The whole process of editing, formatting, cover creating and publishing is taken care of for you!


And of course there's a Bonus!  You'll get my Story Course (valued at $600) on how to craft a magnetic story for FREE.

Currently there's a waitlist to join for 2019

We want this to be the best anthology yet - we all need you to chip in to meet these deadlines and to find other with amazing stories to share.  Who do you know who would love to join us? Refer 3 paying participants and your participation is FREE.


The best thing is that it's just $5000 to become
a Best Selling author and be "seen on" ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX!

Click below to claim your spot in the anthology!

Yes, I'm in!

What else to people have to say about being in
the first Courageous World Catalysts?

How is this anthology different than other anthology projects out there?

  • First, you get a seasoned book coach who has gotten nearly 100 authors to Best Seller, many internationally as well.
  • You get COACHING around writing your story - most other anthologies have no filter.  You KNOW your story will be amongst other amazing stories which have a high minimum quality of standard.  And don't worry if you don't think you're a good writer - between the Story Course and my editor, that will not be a problem at all!
  • You get EDITING, twice.  Your story will be edited by my team for content, then grammar.  It's INCLUDED with your participation.  
  • You get an organized leader.  I keep you informed at all times.  I make you aware of deadlines and keep to mine. I know how to rally the troops and make it easy and fun in the process.  You never have to worry that I'll cancel the project, extend it indefinitely or leave you hanging at any moment of the project.
  • You are GUARANTEED to become a Best Seller.  I guarantee it for all my book clients.  This anthology is no different.
  • The book is GUARANTEED to be "seen on" ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX
  • You get coaching on how to leverage your story for ROI on your investment
  • You get to participate in a high energy, high level telesummit with the participants

Disclaimer:  This is not for everyone. If you're not the type who likes to work in a group, goes MIA, doesn't like to meet deadlines and has a hard time taking action, then this program is not for you.  If you were the kid in the group project at school who let everyone else do all the work, this is not for you.  It's important that all participants in the anthology be FULLY COMMITTED to this book. This is a drama-free zone.  You must be willing to be visible, market and sell 20 copies of the book on launch day.

If you're ready to be a published Best Selling author, love being a part of a high-vibe community, and don't want the overwhelm of doing it all yourself or writing an entire book, this is a great opportunity for you. 

Are you ready to change lives, including your own?
Join the anthology now!

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Real success stories, from real people!


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