Words Heard 'Round the World

Author Showcase Spectacular

October 18, 2018
Four Points Sheraton
Novi, Michigan

Where YOU Get to Shine on Stage ....

  • Craft your individualized keynote speech
  • Find out how to weave in your compelling story
  • Write an engaging introduction for your MC
  • Deliver your message on stage, in front of a real audience
  • Have an official book signing (with photos)
  • Walk away with professionally filmed video

Hosted by Vickie Gould, with special guest expert speaking coach, Karen Donaldson

One of the things I hear so often from my clients is that they want speaking gigs, but they don't know how, plus they don't have the pieces in place to send a conference coordinator so they'll stand out and get selected.  One critical thing that's often missing is a good, professional SPEAKER REEL.  But how do you get a speaker reel when you don't have gigs that have been recorded?

The solution is right here in this speaking showcase spectacular.  During our time together, you'll figure out what pieces you need to send to an event planner, the best keynote topic, what to put in your bio when you're introduced, get practice time and speak in front of a REAL LIVE audience so that you can get that speaker reel made.  Yeah - now you're many steps closer to getting on other stages.

Then we'll end with book signing tables if you want to showcase a book.  (Fab photo and livestreaming opp!)

The Details ....

Four Points Sheraton
27000 South Karevich Drive
Novi, Michigan
(DTW Airport)

9:30 - Doors Open

10:00 - 12:00 Morning Session: decide your topic, craft your keynote speech and write your introduction bio

12:00 - 1:30 Lunch Break and Practice Time

1:30 - Words Heard 'Round the World: Author Showcase Spectacular: Share your  7-10 minute speech and listen to the other authors

Immediately Following: Book Signing Table Tour - bring your own promotional materials, table decor, and books


The coaching is free, lunch is included, photographs are complimentary, book signing table is free - register by choosing professionally filmed ....

Register early to secure your spot by Sept 142h at latest.  LIMITED TO THE FIRST 20 REGISTRANTS.  Current lineup <<HERE>>

2 angles, recorded, you edit and splice

angles combined and synced, upload ready for your website or youtube

This is your opportunity to SPEAK ON STAGE and have a BOOK SIGNING!

Not sure what to talk about?  Think you won't have enough time to perfect it?  Don't worry!
We'll craft it early and give you plenty of fool proof tips to remember it and be a superstar by afternoon.

book signing gif

Invite your friends to attend with a FREE audience ticket to watch the festivities!

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